I Naturali

Nature inspires a series made up of striking simplicity and elegance

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    Verde Alpi Lucidato
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    Sahara Noir Extra Lucidato
    Sahara Noir Extra Bocciardato
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The distinguishing trait of the I Naturali series is soil. A substance which on the one hand recalls all things primordial and on the other the possibility of being plied. As a result, the slab made from the ceramic lends unique value to the settings it clads.

The solidity of Carrara marbles, the malleability of travertine, the uniform colours of volcanic rocks, such as basalt and obsidian. Very different materials, all sourced from the Italian subsoil and whose identity is applied to an extensive range of slabs, with different styles and finishes available.

A new canon of beauty, elegance and solemnity transposed to large sized ceramic slabs, which are immune to the passing of time and define a new aesthetic paradigm.

These characteristics are the foundations of classic architecture and Italian architectural tradition, with the extensive use of these materials from the onset.

The broad range of solutions offered by the I Naturali series in terms of colours, textures and slab processing methods make it extremely versatile, suitable for wall cladding, flooring, exterior façades and decorative surfaces such as kitchen countertops, table tops, bathroom cabinet tops and coatings for doors and staircases.

The endless possibilities of reinventing spaces

Technical details

Technical details

All the surfaces in the I Naturali series are distinguished by the technical excellence of Laminam; they are resistant to impact, stains and scratches.

The versatility of ceramic means the surfaces retain their specifications even when they are exposed to heat, frost and UV rays, with an average water absorption of 0.1%.

I Naturali is a totally natural product that is entirely food-safe because it does not release elements in a solution (even in the event of a fire) and does not allow mould and mildew to form.

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