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Laminam finishes offer a one-of-a-kind visual and tactile experience. When we conceive our surfaces, we already imagine them in your space, safely in your home, incorporated into your projects. Whether you distractedly skim your fingers over them or walk barefoot on them, the feeling on your skin is important, and it has an impact on your decision.

Oxide Nero is the Laminam collection that pays tribute to the passing of time and the imprint it leaves on metal surfaces.

This surface conveys the deep colour intensity of charcoal colours, a quality that makes it appropriate for total-look projects. Thanks to the 1000×3000 mm large sized slabs, the visual continuity of the environment is the protagonist, both in residential and commercial settings.

Extremely ductile, thanks to the Laminam 3/3+ and Laminam 5 reduced thickness, this line adapts perfectly to everything from exterior metal cladding of large surfaces to interior furnishing, from classic to more visionary styles.

The Natural surface finish and R9 anti-slip coefficient complete the proposal and further broaden the range of applications, extending it to indoor and outdoor residential or commercial environments exposed to water.

The Oxide collection for flooring and cladding is the result of thorough decorative and stylistic research. The Oxide Nero surface, along with the other four nuances of the collection, is the sum of multiple decorative technologies that are combined and enriched with metal-look natural pigments.

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