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What do we mean by finish?

When we conceive our surfaces, we already imagine them in your space, safely in your home, incorporated into your projects. Whether you distractedly skim your fingers over them or walk barefoot on them, the feeling on your skin is important, and it has an impact on your decision.

Natural Finish:

The simplicity of a processed stone

Like a rock which is honed by the water in a river, the Natural surface provides a uniform and natural feel. It is a semi-matt finish which only partially reflects light, creating a diffused and agreeable glow while making spaces harmonious.

This contributes towards emphasising the natural appearance of the surface.

The Natural finish has no noticeable unevenness or roughness, providing a smooth tactile experience combined with the solidity of the surface; it has a distinct appearance since it is delightfully uniform.

What’s more, the Natural finish is easy to clean, offering a practical and aesthetically satisfying alternative to other natural materials.

Like all our Laminam surfaces, it is capable of replicating the authentic aesthetics of stones such as marble or quartz while remaining versatile and durable thanks to its superior technical performance levels and the easy maintenance typical of ceramic.

Natural Finish:

Polished finish

The reflection of a calm lake

The Polished surface has a glossy and reflective appearance, like the surface of a crystal-clear pool of water. The light that strikes it is reflected in an intense and uniform manner, providing a clear and unblemished picture of the surrounding setting.

Its beauty lies in its ability to amplify and transform the space, creating a surprisingly engaging visual effect. Colours and shapes are vividly mirrored, developing a sense of depth in the setting. Light is extended into space, providing a feeling of breadth and amplitude.

Owing to their reflective nature, surfaces with the Polished finish can prove particularly alluring when selected for settings with interesting lighting. The light and shadow manifest themselves, creating a game of contrasts and dynamism.

The Polished surface is impeccable to the touch, devoid of any roughness. The feeling it conveys can be compared to that of touching glass: your hand glides smoothly across the entire the area, without encountering any resistance or friction.

This tactile sensation is confirmed in visual form, making it perfect for spaces in pursuit of refined beauty.

Polished finish

Soft Touch finish

A soft and gentle touch

The Soft Touch surface gives you the visual and tactile feel of a piece of satin lying on a flat surface.

When you touch it, you’ll immediately feel delightfulness and comfort under your fingertips, a soothing experience that can be likened to lightly touching a delicate velvet.

It is semi-polished and, just like satin, it has a satin-like appearance which subtly reflects light. This adds to the sense of class and visual refinement it imbues it surroundings with.

As the name suggests, the Soft Touch finish is comfortable and lightweight in nature, and conveys a gentle and reassuring feeling whether its surroundings are bright or dimly lit.



Soft Touch finish

Bush-Hammered finish

A timeless material

The Bush-hammered finish lends the Laminam surface an antique effect that appears to be telling a story that can stand the test of time.

Thanks to Laminam technology, various signs of bush-hammering are simulated on the bush-hammered surface, just like those made by chisels or hammerheads, to replicate small reliefs on the surface.

These bush-hammered creations give rise to a three-dimensional effect, which contributes to giving the material a rustic appearance. The bas-reliefs may have varying depths, but they are all clearly perceptible to your fingers, providing a bewitching and enriching tactile experience.

Even on bush-hammered surfaces, dirt is easily removed, bringing together the charm of tradition with the Laminam’s typical innovative technology seamlessly.

Overall, the bush-hammered surface brings to mind a feeling of history and the past. Visually, the technologically created protrusions give the material a touch of authenticity and character.


Bush-Hammered finish

Flamed finish

As charming as ancient history

The Flamed surface has a crinkled texture which recalls natural rocks. Numerous protrusions characterise this material, creating a complex interweaving of lines and deep furrows that give the surface a unique appearance.

An evident and bewitching textured effect is created on the surface, lending it a sense of antiquity and memory, crafting a charming merger of past and present.

It proves skilfully uneven to the touch, with slight protrusions and tiny crevasses inviting you to explore further with your fingers; the light strikes its prominences, breaking apart and coming back together.

The eye is enthralled by this combination of elements, while the mind is lost in the striking beauty of a work that seems to have originated in a distant time.

In its game of light and shadow, the Flamed finish embellishes and decorates spaces like a pure object of architectural design.

Flamed finish

Chiselled finish

Soft waves lapping on the sand 

The Chiselled finish brings to mind natural slate and is distinguished by soft marks that unfold in a sinuous pattern. The texture is smooth to the touch and recalls lava stones.

The surface with a Chiselled finish conjures up a sense of strength and mystery. Its history is linked to the geological forces of the Earth and its role in creating spectacular landscapes make this finish a perfect representation of the beauty of Nature.

Laminam research and technology simulate the movement of liquid lava on the surface.

As the lava slowly descends from the volcanic cone creating a charming visual effect, Laminam represents a succession of soft waves to create a dynamic and harmonious appearance.

The contours are delicate, as if carved out and rounded with skill. The lines intersect gently, as the gaze follows the paths traced with amazement and curiosity, gradually discovering an archaic and sophisticated pattern.


Chiselled finish

Caress finish

The soft touch of a caress  

The Caress finish transfers tenderness to a solid surface and provides the feel of a caress to the touch, making a lasting impression.

Like a gentle embrace, the Caress surface shapes your need for care and protection and is enveloping, with a refined and ethereal softness, like the soft sweep of a feather along the palm of your hand.

The pleasant touch translates into a delicate look, given its slightly matt nature, making it perfect in combination with soft, classic hues with an understated feel.

Devoid of irregularities, your fingers glide slowly over the surface without obstructions, like a spontaneous, distracted touch that slips away from your fingers.


Caress finish

Polished Starlit finish

Designed by the stars

Polished Starlit accompanies you in the night sky, thanks to a special technology, the result of Laminam research and innovation that synchronise it with the stars.

The surface lights up when rays of light strike it, in a space that pulses with endless light refractions.

The light in the setting is reflected onto a polished surface and radiates pleasantly into the room thanks to the intrinsic shimmer of the finish, as if the stars were embedded in tiny particles within the surface, creating a vibrant spectacle of emotions.

Dancing shadows, reflections and a sequence of visible and delicate mottling channel the story of a finish oozing endless preciousness dotted with enchanting glows.

Polished Starlit finish

Rain finish

Water, artist by nature

The Rain finish is unveiled to the touch by subtle bas-reliefs that simulate the journey made by the flow of water. Envision a small waterfall or a stream crossing a rocky surface. The water’s course makes for a fascinating and relaxing spectacle.

As it flows over the stone, small droplets separate from the main watercourse. This is exactly how Rain was created; a finish with fine filaments that come together to create a delicate textured pattern.

Just as water slowly leaves signs of its passage course, giving rise to a natural sculpture, Laminam’s inspiration recreates a design of slightly perceptible broken lines that simulate the droplets as they move along the surface, leaving behind a thin layer of water.

Rain thus offers a feeling of profound connection with nature and is extremely relaxing for those who observe it.

Rain finish

Textured finishes

Endless design possibilities

Finishes defined as structured encompass a collection of secondary effects, such as the wood effect and the hand-trowelled effect.Wood effect: A wood effect surface has a warm, natural and enveloping appearance. The details of wood are accurately replicated, creating the grain, knots and textures typically found in this raw material. The surface appears natural to the touch, with a delicate pattern which can be felt to the touch.

Hand-trowelled effect: A hand-trowelled effect surface is distinguished by a layer of material applied artistically with a squeegee. This creates a unique texture, with gentle rises, nuances and slight irregularities.

In both cases, the Laminam textured effects offer an extraordinary variety of design possibilities and can be used to embellish settings with elegance, style and personality.

Textured finishes

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