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Ambience, bioactive treatments

Ambience, bioactive treatments

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Since its technical departments work together, Laminam has succeeded in creating a series of bioactive treatments called Ambience. These optional treatments enhance the native technical features of porcelain stoneware surfaces – improving their easy cleaning and bacteriostatic properties, in other words inhibiting the spreading of microbes and bacteria.

After years of experiments, our company identified titanium dioxide as the active ingredient which, combined with collateral particles, acts as a photocatalytic substance.

This means that when a Laminam slab on which the Ambience bioactive treatment has been applied comes into contact with sunlight outdoors or artificial light indoors it activates a natural process, which absorbs and transforms the pollutants in the air such as VOCs, NOx, SOx, into harmless elements, thereby reducing the polluting agents and impurities which are deposited on them every day.

They are also capable of inhibiting the spreading of any bacterial loads, thereby enhancing the already high levels of hygiene offered by Laminam surfaces.

Ambience treatments are available upon request on Laminam products and are applied at the end of the Laminam slab production process, guaranteeing durable mechanical adhesion and absolute effectiveness of their properties over time.

Laminam has always cared greatly about the environment and its Ambience is devised:

  • For architects and industry professionals interested in creating design solutions that can enhance the aesthetic value and also contribute to reducing pollution, such as: green façades, photocatalytic materials, recycled materials or with recycled content, and materials derived from sustainable production processes;
  • For anyone who cares deeply about environmental policies;
  • For those who want to feel like they are part of the improvement of environmental conditions and want to be committed to the community.

The advantages of Ambience:

  • Safe and hygienic
  • Purifies air
  • Reduces any impurities deposited
  • Neutralises bacteria
  • Combats unpleasant odours
  • Certified
AMBIENCE for outdoor surfaces

AMBIENCE for outdoor surfaces

Owing to the Ambience bioactive treatment on the exterior and to the combination of properties afforded by the chemical elements used to develop the treatment, Laminam slabs used as vertical wall or façade cladding guarantee benefits to their surroundings, fostering essential actions for improved quality of life: air purification* and antibacterial functionality*.

*Air purification

Ambience outdoor bioactive treatments are based on the natural photocatalytic property of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is activated on contact with light sources. This reaction to sun light releases active oxygen (O2) which oxidises and breaks down pollutants, turning them into substances that are harmless to the environment (such as water and soluble salts). The benefit is the abatement of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs, NOx, SOx).

*Antibacterial function

On surfaces treated with the Ambience bioactive treatments, natural photocatalysis generates an oxidation process, which fosters the neutralisation of bacteria and prevents mould, mildew and fungi from spreading. In detail, the oxidant species generated are capable of crossing the bacterial membrane and blocking the DNA replication mechanism. At the end of the process, the harmful organic matter is transformed into harmless molecules (for instance water and soluble salts).

A concrete example of the effectiveness of Ambience can be seen in the fact that the wall of a home on which the outdoor treatment has been applied abates the same quantity of nitrogen oxides produced by 11 cars travelling 30 kilometres a day.

AMBIENCE for indoor surfaces

Laminam has also developed a specific Ambience treatment for surfaces applied to indoor settings. Whether in a public or private context, be it residential or professional, for healthcare or sports/leisure, Laminam surfaces that have undergone the Ambience treatment guarantee the abatement of pathogens even in conditions of dim lighting and artificial light.

Indoor antibacterial function

Ambience prevents microbes, fungi, mould and mildew from spreading across the treated surfaces and helps reduce the number of pathogens on treated Laminam surfaces. This action leads to immediate benefits, which are long-lasting, such as environmental hygiene and healthy air. 

Anti-odour function

Ambience constantly contributes towards the sanitisation of surfaces and facilitates the abatement of unpleasant odours caused by the presence and spreading of bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew.

Which settings is it most suitable for?

  • Swimming pools;
  • SPAs and saunas;
  • Gyms;
  • Public or private bathrooms;
  • Bars, pubs, restaurants, canteens;
  • Supermarkets;
  • Hotels, Offices, Schools;
  • Hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, research laboratories, nursing homes;
  • Domestic settings (kitchen, bathrooms, tables, desks) in which the residents’ health needs more protection.
AMBIENCE for indoor surfaces

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