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Service for stonemasons to make a kitchen work top, a bathroom vanity top or a table top?

Every day, we place our Laminam ceramic slabs in the capable hands of craftsmen, the manufacturers, who are able to release all the beauty and versatility contained in just a few millimetres of thickness.

Assistance service for stonemasons

Ensuring easy maintenance and durability

Our 1620×3240 mm size, 12+ and 20+ thickness surfaces are devised for the world of furniture and design to be used as horizontal surfaces, from table tops to kitchen worktops and bathroom vanity tops, where the porcelain stoneware slabs offer a valid alternative to materials such as marble and stones, replicating their beauty while ensuring superior performance levels.  Laminam slabs are in fact ideal for the most delicate uses, where maximum ease of maintenance and strength must be guaranteed. All this is due to their excellent technical qualities. The aesthetic qualities and the large sizes guarantee beauty and easy cleaning in any setting, delivering elegance and sophistication to their surroundings.

What are Laminam 12+ and 20+ surfaces made of?

What are Laminam 12+ and 20+ surfaces made of?

Laminam is porcelain stoneware obtained by wet grinding of clayish raw materials, granite and metamorphic, feldspar-containing rocks and ceramic pigments. Our surfaces are compacted by a special press and sintered at 1200° C with hybrid firing (gas and electric).

All this allows our slabs to be cut more effortlessly. They are also structurally reinforced with a fibreglass mat applied to the back with dedicated adhesive which makes handling easier and safer.

Consultancy for Manufacturers and stonemasons

Laminam boasts a highly qualified in-house company department called  Laminam Project Engineering: consisting of a team of expert engineers and architects, capable of providing highly technical and specialist consultancy to marble workers, installers and designers, allowing them to find out more about and make the best use of all the features of our slabs, from their impeccable quality to their exceptional performance levels.  Our team is in a position to advise you on the most appropriate tools and machinery for cutting and manufacturing our slabs effortlessly into outstanding finished products, such as kitchen, bathroom or table tops.

In addition, Laminam Project Engineering can answer significant questions about the design concept: can this cantilever be done? How far about should the cut-outs be? What type of adhesives can I use to bond Laminam to other materials?

Our team of experts views your project and assesses its feasibility, suggesting any improvements or alternatives where needed.

Laminam surfaces certainly constitute an innovation in the processing materials sector for marble workers, offering an extensive range of advantages and plus points that make them an excellent choice for industry professionals and their customers. With the ability to accommodate the most diverse needs, these surfaces in fact offer modern, durable and top-quality solutions.

Consultancy for Manufacturers and stonemasons

Why should you choose Laminam to make a kitchen worktop, a bathroom vanity top or a table top?

Our surfaces certainly boast superior technical features and performance levels that perfectly accommodate your needs and those of your customer:

  • Easy processing: Owing to the high-tech manufacturing process, Laminam surfaces are extremely easy to process, which means marble workers can cut them, drill them and shape them more easily. This feature makes it possible to achieve precise and detailed results, allowing professionals to express their creativity to the full and craft bespoke projects to suit their customer’s needs.
  • Less maintenance work: Laminam surfaces are distinguished by exceptional resistance to chemicals, to stains, to wear and to abrasion since they are strong and durable. Marble workers can therefore rely on the durability of Laminam surfaces, reducing the risk of maintenance work in the long run.
  • Guaranteed hygiene and easy cleaning: Marble workers can promote the health and safety of their customers by recommending the use of these surfaces in sensitive settings. Laminam surfaces are hygienic and easy to clean, they do not allow bacteria to spread, which makes them ideal for settings where hygiene is essential, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Resistance to high temperatures: Marble workers can recommend these surfaces for residential and commercial projects requiring greater thermal resistance. Laminam surfaces can withstand high temperatures without undergoing aesthetic or structural alterations. This feature makes them suitable for applications close to sources of heat such as hobs.
  • Extensive choice of colours and finishes: Laminam offers an extensive range of colours and finishes, faithfully replicating marble, natural stones and other surfaces too. Marble workers can offer customers a broad range of aesthetic options without compromising on the quality and performance of the material.

In conclusion, Laminam surfaces prove to be an excellent choice for manufacturers who can benefit from these advantages and accommodate the design needs of the most demanding customers, and create successful products that are unique and eye-catching.

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