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Servizi per installatori

In the construction and interior design industry, finding innovative and reliable surface cladding solutions is crucial to create eye-catching, functional, and durable settings. Laminam stands out as a key player in this field, offering services and support to fitters and installers.

Services for installers

Innovation and ongoing commitment to quality

With a background deeply rooted in innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality, Laminam has earned its reputation as being a trustworthy leader in the sector. Laminam is in fact a leader manufacturer of large-sized ceramic slabs. These surfaces are renowned for their versatility and are in fact used in an extensive range of applications, including exterior façades, flooring, wall cladding, kitchen worktops, bathroom surfaces as well as a host of other interior design and architecture projects, while retaining superior levels of resistance and durability.

Laminam does not only offer high-quality products, but it is also committed to supplying comprehensive support specifically to fitters and installers. These professionals play a crucial role in project implementation and in the creation of exceptional spaces, and Laminam recognises the importance of providing them with the necessary resources in order to work efficiently and effectively.

Services for installers:

  • Technical Training: Laminam offers fitters and installers a range of “technical guides” written in-house by our team of engineers, containing the safety practices and techniques to tackle specific challenges, allowing the installer or the fitter to acquire the necessary skill set to work with Laminam ceramic slabs in the best possible way. All Laminam technical guides are detailed, providing step-by-step instructions on various aspects, from handling, to cutting and installation. These resources are easy to access and allow industry professionals to obtain information any time they need it.
  • Technical Support: Laminam appreciates that each project has unique challenges, so the company offers ongoing support to fitters and installers. If fitters and installers have questions or doubts while installing or processing the products, they can rely on sound technical support from the Laminam Project Engineering team for direct and customised consulting, offering complete support which goes far beyond the mere supply of materials.
  • Installation courses: Laminam regularly organises installation courses at the company HQ to illustrate all the phases of correct installation of its ceramic surfaces.
Services for installers:

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