Technology and Innovation

At the heart of the Laminam philosophy lies an unwavering propensity for innovation and the pursuit of uniqueness. We dedicate intensive research activity for each and every product, to combine aesthetic and qualitative excellence with environmental-friendliness, which is one of the key values of the brand. The introduction of bio-active treatments which lend our slabs anti-bacterial, self-cleaning* and pollutant eradication properties is just one example of how Laminam intends to pursue excellence through innovation. Indeed, this does not stop with the product, but rather stretches across the entire value chain, involving processes, people and environments.

These are the pillars underpinning the success of Laminam, and on which we intend to build our future.

*In exterior surfaces, it encourages the natural elimination of organic compounds due to the aggression of polluting substances, contributing towards keeping building façades cleaner compared with un-treated surfaces. In interior surfaces, it has a notable anti-bacterial action.