For Sale: A realtor’s take on ways to increase property value


Toronto based realtor Alex Brott has an eye for luxury, working with numerous high-end properties in residential real estate in the downtown West End of Toronto. With almost two decades of experience, Alex is the head of Brott & Co, which is its own entity inside SAGE Real Estate. A finely tuned real estate machine, Alex represents buyers and sellers providing concierge level service. Who better to ask when it comes to prepping a home for sale?

We connected with Alex to learn more about upgrades homeowners can make to their properties to increase resale value!

Which spaces in the home are most important when it comes to those looking to renovate in advance of putting their home on the market?
The most important areas would be kitchens, bathrooms, and front exteriors.

What are some upgrades you recommend homeowners take on to increase the value of a property?
Countertops (both kitchen and bathroom), backsplash and cabinetry. Countertops are among the most important and have a greater impact in terms of bang for your buck. We want to make buyers feel emotional about a home, and imagining themselves in a ’new kitchen’ is one way to get them excited about purchasing.


Laminam now has a 25-year limited transferable warranty on their residential countertops purchased after Jan. 1, 2023. Do you think this is a nice worry-free selling feature when it comes to new homeowners taking possession?
I do! Warranties are harder and harder to come by and that peace of mind is a nice bonus to a buyer who is already excited about purchasing the home.

Are there any current design styles homebuyers are particularly looking for?
People always love modern contemporary interiors. Styles seem to be moving away from the ‘all white’ and back to ‘warmer’ vibes with more attention to warmer hardwoods and a focus on mixing textures and finishes.

You currently have a beautiful property listed – 115 Harrison Street in Toronto that features Laminam surfaces in the kitchen. Tell us a bit about the property.
Too late – it just SOLD! What a great house. See for all the details.

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