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twO by Laminam at Salone del Mobile 2024

April 2024

Evolution and revolution in a thickness of just 2 millimeters

Fiera Milano exhibition center, Hall 22 – Stand G16 / G18.

At the 62nd edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan, Laminam will be presenting twO, the new brand of ultra-thin, lightweight, and sustainable surfaces, which create infinitely versatile, variform, original, and inspired ways of living.

A very thin line that separates the world as it is, from the wonderful place it will be.

Research and technology: a winning combination

With twO, Laminam is breaking down previous thickness barriers and raising the bar for quality in terms of technological innovation in the industry. Tireless technical research and pioneering application know-how open the way to never-before seen levels of innovation, a genuine turning point in how we live.  

This is technology by definition, exalting and expressing itself in a creative manner: the thinnest surfaces in the world are also the lightest, taking shape in the Gemini collection, and maintaining all the technical performance of Laminam’s large slabs. But that’s not all. A sense of ease and ductility that ranges from flexibility to ease of cutting, use on site, and last but not least, transportation. 

Sustainable to the core

To what end is achieving a thickness of two millimeters if not to take care of the world, reduce our environmental impact, and establish a new harmony between humans and nature?  

Once again, Laminam is putting sustainability at the core of its strategic development vision, translating it into revolutionary surfaces created with recycled and totally recyclable materials. A kind and conscious choice that finds acknowledgment in the various phases of the value chain, from material procurement and production, through to the transport to the end customer.

The use and production of twO  has a truly positive environmental impact in the entire value chain, where over 70% of contributions to the company’s carbon footprint will be reduced thanks to a lighter and less voluminous product.

What’s more, the remarkably slim thickness allows for optimization of the entire lifecycle of the product: the firing phase is faster and performed using electric kilns powered by the company’s solar PV system, and transportation emissions are reduced thanks to the significantly lower overall weight.

Gemini. Reflected Synergies.

The progenitor of twO is the Gemini collection, a profound dialog between humans and nature, an interplay of glimpses and reflections, where humans and the earth, twin faces, reflect each other and collaborate in perfect synergy.

In the constant interchange with the surrounding environment, nature shows us that we are part of an intricate and wonderful living system. A harmonious meeting, expressed through grandiose and cyclic movements, which give form to the structure of the Gemini collection, inspired by the natural flows between earth and sky.

Luce, Pelle, Cielo, Cenere, Grano, Acero, Muschio, and Flora are the sources of inspiration from which Laminam’s colorimetric and textural research starts out, a tangible connection with the ecosystem which finds space in new surfaces.

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