Ask-A-Fabricator Series with Alex Stepanov

We answer all of your questions about the fabrication process of Laminam.


When it comes to creating beautiful and durable residential and commercial spaces, a talented fabricator and their experienced team will be a key resource in helping to create surface installations that will last a lifetime. 

What does a fabricator do?
Is porcelain easy to cut?
How fast does it take to cut a slab?
What is the cost breakdown? 

These are just a few of the questions that consumers and the A&D industry were asking when we polled our online community. We will also address questions about porcelain itself and dive into some key benefits! 

We’ve put together an informative series featuring Alex Stepanov, owner of Counter Culture Fabrication Group Inc., located in the Greater Toronto Region, to help educate the industry on the porcelain slab fabrication process and speak to what sets Laminam surfaces apart. 

At his studio, we witnessed the industry-leading speed at which Laminam surfaces can be cut, learned how fabricators add significant value to kitchen and bath projects and beyond, and discussed current design trends for natural surface applications. 

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