External Facades

Supporting creativity with our services

Buildings, skyscrapers, residential buildings, entire architectural complexes which change their appearance thanks to surfaces which define new aesthetic canons. Slabs which, with their light weight, but at the same time with their significant aesthetic component, appear to challenge the force of gravity, to create highly elegant and striking effects, every time. However, at Laminam, beauty always goes hand in hand with technical excellence, which is why we provide our customers with a range of services to support them in every process, entirely in keeping with their stylistic features and to achieve their design objectives.


  • Engineering Consultancy Service 

    Laminam was the first to conceive large sized ceramic slabs and engineer their applications to comply with international certifications, with the strictest resistance tests and to make them suitable for all exterior claddings. The application of the slabs is definitely one of the most important moments of the entire process, when the project comes to life for the first time before the eyes of those who devised it and created it. Laminam wants to be present during this phase too, supporting the customer with engineering consultancy services, the aim of which is to identify the most suitable and the most efficient system to guarantee the performance levels required of the façade. Our customers can rely on a team of young engineers, who provide their extensive international experience and their skills, the result of constant training and refresher courses on new applicative methods.

  • Architectural Consultancy Service

    We place our experience and product know-how at the disposal of architects or designers to develop the ideal solution in keeping with the set budget and fully respecting the designer’s architectural style.

  • Fitters Support Service

    Thanks to the ongoing collaboration with multinationals which produce certified systems for anchoring and applying exterior claddings, Laminam is in a position to support fitters too, with its own engineering department, accompanying them during the project execution phase, right up until the works are completed and delivered to the customer.