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Ro World

Ro World

Approccio sartoriale per un caffè, bistrot e patisserie a Napoli

Close to Naples, in Giordano Bruno’s native town, in a multipurpose space – Café, Bistro and Patisserie – created by Studioarcho with a bespoke approach, “innovative technology and design” are blended to create elegant custom spaces. The extensive Laminam catalogue, which not only offers a vast selection of colours and surface effects, but also a wide range of sizes and thicknesses for a single finish, made it possible to use “a single style suited to every surface”, from the vertical and horizontal coverings, indoor and outdoor, to the flooring and furnishing. Including the Calligaris tables.

  • Location Napoli, Italy
  • Year 2023
  • Architect Sabato Orlando, Studioarcho
  • Applications Cladding & Flooring, External Facades, Furnishing & Design
  • Project Type Restaurant
Laminam Effect

Laminam Effect

The Laminam Effect in Nola: the Italian multinational has supplied almost all of the vertical and horizontal indoor and outdoor surfaces for Ro World, a multipurpose, multi-functional space (Café, Bistro and Patisserie) created on the outskirts of the town where philosopher Giordano Bruno was born. This ambitious Ho.Re.Ca design was handled from its inception by Neapolitan architecture firm Studioarcho, founded by architect Sabato Orlando, and was pushed for by a young entrepreneur who has always been at the forefront of the hospitality sector.

Ro World was created on the ground floor of a 7-storey tower used as a hotel. Split into two macro areas – one the Café / Bistro / Patisserie space and the other a restaurant area – the space extends over roughly 1000 m2. “The goal”, explains Sabato Orlando, presenting the project, “was to create a metropolitan space whose quality and ambition would meet the city’s exponential growth.”

A design such as this, with its meticulous attention to detail, in which several different elements must coexist in adjacent areas within a single space, requires special care over the choice of finishes. “The aim”, explains Sabato Orlando, “was to mark the spaces into which it is divided by defining each one with its own specific atmosphere. Yet at the same time the different areas had to be interconnected with each other, so that all together they contribute to defining the coherent harmony of the overall design.”

Eleganza e versatilità

It was therefore necessary to establish a single style which would be suitable for each surface of the various areas, while also in itself being rich and versatile enough to mark them out and define them. Following a careful analysis of what the market offered, architect Sabato Orlando found exactly that style in Laminam surfaces, chosen partly for their elegance and sophisticated aesthetic, and partly for the sheer extent and range of the catalogue, in terms of both colour and surface effects, as well as for the sizes and thicknesses available for a single finish.

Virtually all of the surface at Ro World are therefore made using finishes by the Fiorano Modenese-based multinational: from the exterior cladding to the interior flooring, from the coverings on the bar counter to the surfaces of its furniture, and from the walls of the main rooms to those in the bathrooms holding the basins. Even the surfaces of the tables and side tables supplied by furniture company Calligaris are customised Laminam products.

“It’s worth mentioning the choice of interior flooring”, adds Sabato Orlando in conclusion. “One part uses the Emperador Extra finish from the I Naturali series in a traditional way. The other features a chevron pattern with four different finishes, used specifically for the purpose of demonstrating the versatility and endless possibilities offered by Laminam surfaces.”

The emotional impact of Ro World is accomplished both through the widespread use of key features such as details in brass, canaletto walnut, and intense colours in shades of petrol green, and through the use of plants, flowers and foliage.

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