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Office and Exhibition Hall Jafza Technopark

Office and Exhibition Hall Jafza Technopark

L’edificio per uffici progettato da Pininfarina si ispira alla particolare luce solare di Dubai

The Office Building designed by Pininfarina Architecture is inspired by Dubai’s particular sunlight and aims to interpret its nature while designing both the exterior and interior.
The Pininfarina Architecture team aimed to create a building, where the interior space seamlessly continues the exterior. Thus, the main Lobby design theme became the rhythm created by two tints, Grigio and Antracite, of Laminam ceramic slabs of the Calce Series.

  • Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Year 2020
  • Architect Pininfarina Architecture
  • Applications Cladding & Flooring, Furnishing & Design
  • Project Type Office
Un dialogo perfetto

Un dialogo perfetto

The team selected this series, inspired by wet plaster and industrial concrete, because it perfectly creates a dialogue with the exterior concrete panels and has soft tone colours and delicate nuances that allowed the team to create this particular rhythm.


  • Dany EidL’edificio per uffici progettato da Pininfarina si ispira alla particolare luce solare di Dubai e si propone di interpretarne la natura progettando sia gli esterni che gli interni.
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