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Emerald Villa

Emerald Villa

Incastonata come una gemma sulle colline moreniche con vista sul Lago di Garda

Can an architectural structure fit into the natural environment without overpowering it, but rather conform harmoniously to it? The answer is yes, and it takes tangible form in Villa Emerald, a project by the Building Group, designed by Boffa Petrone & Partners 

Embedded like a gem on the moraine hills overlooking Lake Garda, Villa Emerald evokes the color of the waters in which it is reflected in its name, like in an evocative dialogue with the surrounding landscape. Fully respecting the landform, the villa maintains the sinuous profile of the hills visible in its framework, overlooking a large outdoor area with a swimming pool and solarium. Its unique “boomerang” shape and the glazed interior area offer a perfect view of the lake, while the outer profile of the building has no opening, except for the entrance door. This structure on the one hand reveals and on the other hides, enhancing the enchanting landscape of Lake Garda while ensuring greater protection of privacy where necessary. 

  • Location Lago di Garda, Italy
  • Year 2022
  • Architect Boffa Petrone & Partners | Studio Fezzardi
  • Designer Elio Sereno Home | Kristina Pulaeva
  • Applications Cladding & Flooring
  • Project Type Private House
Luci e colori evocano la macchia mediterranea del Garda

Luci e colori evocano la macchia mediterranea del Garda

Villa Emerald establishes connections not only between nature and architecture, but also between architecture and art: great care has been taken in the choice of materials and finishes, as well as furnishing design elements. The resulting ensemble is always refined and never eccentric.   The interiors were designed in collaboration with Elio Sereno Home.

They offer a play on contrasts and geometries resulting in an elegant and dynamic atmosphere. Lights and colors evoke the Mediterranean scrubland of Lake Garda and wood and marble dominate among the materials, in a natural look&feel enlivened by the combination with industrial-inspired metals for the furnishing design elements.  Such harmonized contrasts make the choice of large Laminam slabs for flooring and cladding stand out.  I Naturali collection in the colors Diamond Cream Bocciardato and Calacatta Michelangeloin Laminam 5 thickness and in the 1000×3000 mm size (flooring) was used for the swimming pool flooring and wall cladding.  

The resistance to wear, impacts, stains and scratches as well as to the onset of mold makes these slabs optimal even in “difficult” environments – often wet or damp – such as swimming pool areas and solarium.  

Colorazioni che osano con contrasti ricchi di personalità

The same technical advantages can be found in the Laminam Ossido collection, used for cladding showers and vanity tops in Laminam 3 thickness in the shades Verderame and Nero. Ossido is a truly poetic collection: a surface that crystallizes matter over time by fixing the oxidation process of copper and metal at its peak, when the color is strongest and most vibrant. They are colors that dare with personality-rich contrasts and – like all Laminam surfaces – they are endowed with very high performance qualities that make them suitable for any environment. 

In the third level obtained from the roof, the three floors of the villa culminate in a flat terrace that from the Brescia shore of Lake Garda opens up to the sight of the Sirmione peninsula and the Verona shores: these, on a clear day, show a uniquely sharp vision that invites wonder and contemplation. The whole of Villa Emerald offers continuous opportunities for enchantment: the delicate and precious interweaving of nature, architecture, art and premium materials make this private residence a place of extraordinary aesthetic power corresponding to the name it bears.


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