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1800 Oak

1800 Oak

Ha vinto due Gala Awards 2020 il progetto di ristrutturazione 1800 Oak

The 1800 Oak renovation project by architecture firm Hartman Design Group carried out in Virginia, USA, is the winner of two 2020 Gala Awards. It took the top spot for both Design and Architecture of a Multi-Family Renovation and for Interior Merchandising of a Multi-Family Renovation Amenities Space. Laminam contributed to this outstanding result by providing finishes to enhance several of the vertical surfaces and a seat in the large entrance hall which greets both residents and visitors.

  • Location Arlington, USA
  • Year 2018
  • Architect Phyllis Hartman
  • Design Studio Hartman Design Group
  • Applications Cladding & Flooring
  • Project Type Residential complex
Hartman Design Group ha utilizzato infatti le superfici I Naturali per rivestire in interni una parete alta due piani

Hartman Design Group ha utilizzato infatti le superfici I Naturali per rivestire in interni una parete alta due piani

Hartman Design Group opted for Laminam I Naturali – Calacatta Oro Venato surfaces to cover a visually stunning double-height interior wall next to the entrance, the rear walls of reception, thus bringing a look of great formal refinement and elegance to the area, a door – for a ‘total look’ version of the Laminam Effect approach – fitted within the same walls that define it, the walls of the lift lobby, and lastly, a custom cantilever bench.

Dal punto di vista estetico abbiamo selezionato quello specifico prodotto perché riproduce in maniera estremamente realistica l’effetto marmo

Phyllis Hartman explains why Laminam products, and I Naturali – Calacatta Oro Venato surfaces in particular, were chosen for the renovation project: “From an aesthetic point of view, we chose this specific product because it mimics the appearance of marble extremely realistically.” The finish, inspired by natural marble, does indeed capture all the appeal, charm and beauty of a stone which has been used to create some of the greatest works of architecture in history.

“From a technical point of view,” explains Phyllis Hartman, “we also needed a relatively lightweight material. And the lower weight of Laminam surfaces helped us greatly with the installation method and structure, both in terms of the walls (single storey and double height) and the bench. What led us to choose Laminam finishes was also the quality of their dimensional characteristics once the surfaces had been processed and applied in their position. Lastly, what ultimately convinced us was the cost and immediate availability of the product.”

Phyllis Hartman


  • Hartman Design Group
  • Studio Trejo
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