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The swimming pool: functionality and glamour all in one

July 2022

An outdoor space par excellence, whether it is an infinity pool overlooking the sea in a blue optical effect or a relaxation area set in a lush garden, the swimming pool is first and foremost an imaginary. Iconic and never demodé, in the words of David Foster Wallace, first of all is the smell, a strong clear blue smell, followed by the lapping, the splashing, the diving. The pool is a system of movements, slow, sunny, somehow intimate. A space reserved for a wonderfully still time. A place dedicated to wellness, where you can shed your ordinary clothes and indulge in water and sunny surfaces: a dip, a chat with friends, a poolside aperitif. Caressed by the natural veins, you wait for the drops to slip away. In contact with ceramic surfaces, the body safely surrenders to a new, solid softness. 

And here the PLUSes of a reserved place that find in our slabs the most valuable of allies: low slipperiness, suitability for foot traffic, ease of cleaning, high hygiene.  

Used for the interior cladding of the pool or for the flooring of the surrounding areas, Laminam surfaces combine aesthetic value, functionality and safety, creating protected, easy-to-clean, hygienic and safe spaces.   

And our moments of relaxation become unforgettable. 

Gran Hotel Principe di Piemonte – Viareggio | Design Credits: @archea_associati
Gran Hotel Principe di Piemonte – Viareggio | Design Credits: @archea_associati

Practical, seduction-proof solutions

Laminam ceramic slabs are surfaces inspired by Nature that go beyond their originator, a synthesis of elegance, environmental care and technical performance. The tactile performance undoubtedly contributes to the textural fascination of these surfaces. Due to their special nature, they are perfect for slip-prone wall cladding and flooring, such as swimming pool environments. Particularly recommended for this specific application, the finishes: Natural, Fiammata and Bocciardata. Obtained through a special process of processing the ceramic slab, they have a rough surface that is very charming to the touch thanks to the different levels of depth and angularity.  

Laminam slabs are non-porous and non-absorbent, ensure high standards of hygiene, a crucial aspect for surfaces that have the task of welcoming us barefoot, in swimming suit. “…and the product is also impervious to chemicals commonly used in swimming pools, such as chlorine,” explains Laminam Area Manager Gabriele Polli 

When safety goes hand in hand with style

Aesthetics is not the only criterion for choice in such a delicate environment … but it has its importance. The dream pool is – pardon the pun – the pool we all dream of: a place that reflects our desires for style and functionality.  

Laminam has always been an active and proactive partner to style interpreters: designers and architects. Under the banner of the company vision “We are architects of our environment”,Laminam supports outdoor projects of all kinds, from the most eclectic to the most classic.  

One of the strengths is undoubtedly the variety of products. “With a different supplier, the project designer would be forced to visit more quarries and more marble producers,” Gabriele Polli explains further. “Instead, Laminam acts as a single point of contact, to provide the architect with a complete product mix. Infinity pool, waterfall, special designs… Laminam is there where design is.” 

A special feature of Laminam ceramics is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors without suffering any sudden thermal changes and lasting over time; this achieves a visual and aesthetic continuity between rooms, in the name of a true total look. And it is in this continuous solution between indoor-outdoor flooring and wall cladding that spaces are perceived as a very personal and unique expression of the identity of their inhabitants.  

In short, if when you are told ‘swimming pool’ you immediately think of the classic sky-blue tiled pool, get ready to enter a different world, where for example the surface used can be inspired by one of the most precious marbles in the Italian architectural tradition, as in the case of Laminam Calacatta Oro Venato, used in the project in the photo for both the bottom and the stairway, the walls and the pool edge, with a decidedly glamorous effect of aesthetic synchrony. 

A “no limits” surface

No time limit, to begin with. A plus of the Laminam surfaces is the product’s inalterability: while some natural stones are destined by their intrinsic characteristics to a deterioration of the material which also entails a change in colour, in the case of Laminam slabs this does not occur; the inalterability of material and colour is guaranteed for the entire life cycle of the building – well over 30 years. 

Another strategic versatility concerns applicability: the Laminam slab in the 3 mm and 5 mm sizes can also be adapted directly on site. An ease of installation that simplifies work and opens up great design freedom. 

And finally, the freedom and lack of limits (in reasonable common sense!) with which Laminam surfaces can be experienced: leisurely barefoot walks around the pool, professional dives, and dives by young swimmers ready to challenge themselves to touch the bottom…  

So, let the pool party be. Happy Holidays!  

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