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  • 1000×3000 mm – Laminam 3+
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Laminam finishes offer a one-of-a-kind visual and tactile experience. When we conceive our surfaces, we already imagine them in your space, safely in your home, incorporated into your projects. Whether you distractedly skim your fingers over them or walk barefoot on them, the feeling on your skin is important, and it has an impact on your decision.

Minimal, classic, understated. In a word: timeless.

Blend is one of the first series to be created by Laminam, soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. The harmonious shade of Avorio bestows an always modern touch of elegance on interiors and exteriors, its ceramic surface reproducing the material qualities of concrete.

The perfect balance of form and colour, Avorio has a striking rugged effect and an inherent ability to effortlessly match with a wide variety of colours and textures.
This shade is available in the Natural finish, making it versatile and universal.

Its extreme visual texture makes it particularly well-suited for cladding building exteriors, but it can also be used to enhance the surfaces of apartments or commercial spaces.

The 1000×3000 mm large size is available in Laminam 3/3+ and Laminam 5/5+ thicknesses: spaciousness and calm permeate the spaces, lending them timeless appeal. Another popular application is its use for furniture, in particular as kitchen countertops, tables or bathroom countertops.

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