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Bros Manifatture

Bros Manifatture

Bros Manifatture

Bros Manifatture, a company from Italy’s Marche Region, chose Laminam large slabs for its corporate headquarters. The IN-SIDE collection in Pietra Piasentina Grigio shade enhances the impact of an architectural complex combining very high natural lighting levels with iconic furnishings, to convey the brand’s distinctive character with forceful elegance.

  • Location Fermo, Italy
  • Year 2023
  • Designer Stefano Sagripanti
  • Applications Cladding & Flooring, Flooring, Kitchen worktops
  • Project Type Corporate Headquarters

Passion for beauty

Bros Manifatture is a leader in the jewellery and watch sector based in Grottazzolina (Fermo) in the Marche Region of Italy. It offers the market four brands, each with its own clearly defined identity. These four complementary spirits merge in a passion for beauty as personality and style, and these same values underlie the architectural concept of the new Bros corporate headquarters, constructed to a design by Stefano Sagripanti.

The headquarters building and its distinctive features

The building has a regular ground plan and all its main architectural features have curved lines, especially the overhanging roof and the internal courtyard.

The envelope surrounding the working areas and connecting spaces consists of an alternation of large windows and blank walls, providing a continual sequence of indoor-outdoor views thanks to an extremely fluid architectural approach. The abundance of windows has reduced the need for artificial lighting, reinforcing the sustainability found throughout the building. This approach is also reflected in the use of insulated external walls and low emissivity glass, not to mention the 220 kW photovoltaic system installed on the roof, which has eliminated the use of fossil fuels.

The prioritisation of beauty, comfort and sustainability was also behind the choice of Laminam surfaces for the floorings and wall claddings. In fact, the IN-SIDE collection, in Pietra Piasentina Grigio shade, was used for the floorings and for the bathroom countertops, flooring and wall cladding.

Pietra Piasentina Grigio is one of the five very distinctive shades that characterise the IN-SIDE collection, which draws on cutting-edge technological expertise to break with ceramic surface convention and achieve continuity of material throughout slabs’ surface, body and edges. Pietra Piasentina Grigio enhances the aesthetic appeal of the spaces it furnishes and gives them great individuality, solidity and prestige. This exceptionally versatile material is ideal not only for floorings and wall claddings but also as the finish of furnishing features: kitchen worktops, unit doors and drawers, bathroom furniture, doors and stairs. In the Bros Manifatture headquarters building, Pietra Piasentina Grigio in Flamed finish already puts in an appearance along the corridor of the outdoor patio, dialoguing attractively with the slender white pillars and the window modules. Indoors, it combines with the white walls, which match the veins in the stone, and clear glass windows to create light-filled, elegant interiors with high occupant comfort levels.



Throughout the building, furniture and features with pure forms – some with right-angled, some with rounded shapes – emphasise the visual and tactile characteristics imparted by Pietra Piasentina Grigio, with its impressively realistic portrayal of the inspiration sedimentary rock.

The cladding’s aesthetic qualities go hand-in-hand with technical and functional properties which ensure true versatility in use: like all Laminam large slabs, the IN-SIDE collection is immune to the passage of time. Its stain resistance, flexural strength and resistance to chemicals and thermal shock, as well as to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, all combine to make these surfaces suitable for heavily used locations such as corporate buildings. The choice of a Laminam surface was the perfect option for creating an interior attuned to the brand’s identity and values and for clearly expressing every detail of its DNA, in a statement addressed not only to employees and associates but also to the community as a whole.


  • Interior Designer Stefano Sagripanti
  • Customer Bros Manifatture
  • Direction of Works Valerio Finucci, Stefano Sagripanti
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