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Palazzo BN

Palazzo BN

The project originates from the historical headquarters of the bank Banco di Napoli

The project originates from the historical headquarters of the bank Banco di Napoli, a mighty building in the city centre of Lecce inaugurated in 1930. In 2009, entrepreneur Renè De Picciotto acquired the property and initiated a far-sighted renovation and reconversion process entrusted to architect Lucia Bianco and engineer Luciano Ostuni, which led to the birth of Palazzo BN, an elegant temple of hospitality and gastronomy.

The restyling began actively in 2018 and involved the entire building: the basement, where the bank’s former vaults once stood, is now a Wellness Boutique dedicated to wellness. It is not just a gym, but an exclusive place for personal well-being. On the ground floor there is an outstanding Food Court with an extensive gastronomic offer. Thirteen flats are built on the first and second floors; they are spacious, designed for those who do not want to give up all the comforts of a large hotel, even when on holiday for just a few days. Each living unit is enriched with high-quality, Made-in-Italy furnishing of renowned design. The roof has now become Terrazza BN, a panoramic roof garden open to the public.

  • Location Lecce, Italy
  • Year 2020
  • Architect Lucia Bianco
  • Design Studio Lucia Bianco, Eng.Ostuni Luciano
  • Applications Furnishing elements, Kitchen Worktops
  • Project Type Hotel
A perfect dialogue with existing materials, between revisitation and tradition

A perfect dialogue with existing materials, between revisitation and tradition

The project involves the use of I Naturali, Ossido and Calce, and IN-SIDE collections, chosen in eight finishes that are skilfully integrated into the floors, wall cladding or design furniture complements, in a perfect dialogue with existing materials, between revisitation and tradition.   

The project aims to offer an immersive experience accompanied by the suggestions of antique elements, such as vaults, marble floors and walls, interior doors, grilles and chandeliers, all restructured into precious vintage touches that become an integral part of the furniture. 

The perfect combination of design and taste

Palazzo BN is also the perfect combination of design and taste. The bar counter located in the Food Court features the Ossido collection, chosen in the Bruno shade with Laminam 5+ thickness in the 1620×3240 mm large size: this material simulates the oxidation process of copper plates and captures the iridescent shades of metal subject to the passing of time.

The 13 residences are located between the first and second floor of the building; they are enriched with high quality furnishing and unique design. In line with its philosophy, the aim was to create not just a serial space but a ‘place with a soul’, featured by a strong expressiveness.

The intention of the restyling was to dialogue with the world, giving an international atmosphere to the rooms without spoiling them

Lucia Bianco, Architect

A place with a soul

Palazzo BN can be defined as a ‘pharaonic’ project completed in record time: in little more than a year, architect Lucia Bianco and engineer Luciano Ostuni carried out a thorough work, following the restoration down to the smallest detail: “As if we lived there”. Today the building is an iconic example of conservative restoration carried out with cutting-edge technological materials, rigorously Made in Italy. It is a recovery project that combines private entrepreneurship, public interest and local workers, returning the former Banco di Napoli not only to the tourists who will inhabit it, but also to the Lecce citizens who will be able to experience its spaces and enjoy an architectural asset of historical-monumental value.


  • Luciano Ostuni
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