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Pioneering Ethical and Environmental Sustainability in Corporate Development

June 2024

Sustainability Report 2023

Laminam, a leader in the ceramic surfaces industry, has once again demonstrated its commitment to environmental and ethical sustainability with the release of its latest Sustainability Report. Despite market challenges, Laminam achieved remarkable performance figures, including consolidated revenue of 237.4 million Euros and an EBITDA of 11%.

Human-Centered Growth and Sustainability

After years of Covid-19-induced isolation, Laminam has rekindled the importance of direct human interaction. In 2023, the team resumed in-person meetings, fostering creativity and collaboration. This approach resulted in significant hiring: 100 new positions at operating sites and 70 at subsidiaries, bringing the total workforce to 803, with 38% being women.

The company increased investment in training by 7% compared to the previous year and launched new welfare programs to enhance work-life balance. Efforts to ensure workplace safety led to a continuous decline in injury rates.

Innovative Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Innovative Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Laminam has continued to invest in environmental sustainability projects. In 2023, the company completed the revamping of the solar PV plant in Fiorano Modenese and developed an innovative trigeneration process. Significant advancements were made in reducing energy consumption and using waste materials from other industries.

The “Water Project” significantly reduced water resource usage, with consumption falling below one cubic meter per ton produced and an increase in water recycling. Additionally, waste production at Italian plants decreased by 26% compared to 2022, with 99% of waste classified as non-hazardous.

A Circular Development Model

Laminam embodies a cutting-edge industrial development model based on circularity and social responsibility. The company is dedicated to creating a positive impact not only on its employees but also on the local community and the environment.

With an inclusive and sustainable approach, Laminam looks to the future with optimism, proving that economic growth and social well-being can go hand in hand.

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