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Pietra di Savoia Antracite

I Naturali I Naturali

I NATURALI - Pietra di Savoia Antracite

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  • Bocciardato Bocciardato

    1000x3000mm (39.4" x 118.1") / Laminam 3
    1000x3000mm (39.4" x 118.1") / Laminam 3+
    1000x3000mm (39.4" x 118.1") / Laminam 5
    1620x3240mm (63.7" x 127.5") / Laminam 5
    1620x3240mm (63.7" x 127.5") / Laminam 5+
    1620x3240mm (63.7" x 127.5") / Laminam 12+
    1620x3240mm (63.7" x 127.5") / Laminam 20+

Its original inspiration is nature, represented by one of its most emblematic materials: stone. The end result is a tactile and visual experience reminiscent of hand-crafted stone. Pietra di Savoia Antracite Bocciardata pays tribute to the nature-inspired I Naturali series by Laminam, which expresses both the primordial concept of the earth and its potential to be shaped. Smooth and extremely lightweight, the Pietra di Savoia Antracite Bocciardata ceramic option is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses to fulfil the design and aesthetic requirements of its application as flooring and cladding. [...]

In the 1000x3000 mm size, in the Laminam 3/3+ and Laminam 5 mm thickness, acts as an architectural skin, designed to furnish interior and exterior settings with high-performance surfaces. Available in the 1620x1620 mm large slab size, in Laminam 5+ thickness, it is ideal for evoking natural textures focused on the tactile experience, seeking to replicate the primitive sensation embodied in stone with the Bocciardato finish. The Laminam 5/5+, Laminam 12+ and Laminam 20+ thicknesses of the 1620x3240 mm large size slabs complete the range, offering expressive potential that pays tribute to the materiality of the rugged stone. The R10 anti-slip finish also makes Pietra di Savoia Antracite Bocciardata ideal for flooring and cladding in indoor and outdoor residential and commercial settings frequently exposed to water.