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Simone Finetti for Laminam: X-Mas Holidays Recipe

December 2022

Here we are, together with Simone Finetti, at the last stage of a tour that first took us to visit the production plant in Borgo Val di Taro, with an exceptional guide: Claudio Corniola, Laminam R&D Director. In the Fiorano Modenese showroom, Claudio also assisted Simone in choosing the collections for coating the kitchen and bathroom of Villa Albertina, the Home Restaurant that will open in early 2023.

The tour was built on surprising parallels – between flours and raw materials, planetary mixers and huge industrial mixers, ventilated ovens and roller kilns, presses and rolling pins – ends in Belluno, with a stop at the Sanson Arredamenti showroom where we are welcomed by a kitchen in Laminam Polished Diamond Cream, the protagonist of Simone and Claudio’s gastronomic evolutions.

At the end of the tour, a very special recipe, from an unconventional creative couple, with the wish for an imaginative Christmas, full of joy, peace and serenity.

Ready, rolling pin, go…

Laminam meets Finetti Episode 3 Ravioli delle Feste Decò by Finetti / Laminam
Laminam meets Finetti Episode 3 Ravioli delle Feste Decò by Finetti / Laminam

Cuttlefish-ink painted ravioli filled with gilt-head bream and mascarpone cheese in a butter sauce flavoured by citrus and nutmeg.

For the fresh egg pasta: 
2 eggs
200 g of flour

For the filling and the broth: 
1 Gilt-head bream
Mascarpone – soft cheese cream
Salt to taste

To prepare the dough, beat the eggs and gradually add the flour. Knead the ingredients well with your hands until getting a homogeneous mixture. If the dough is not soft enough, add lukewarm water to make it softer. If it is sticky, instead, add a little flour. Let the dough rest between two plates for about an hour.
Prepare the filling by finely chopping the gilt-head bream and onion to a tartare; add salt, a tablespoon of mascarpone, nutmeg, lemon peel and orange zest. Mix well to obtain an even mixture.
Simmer the gilt-head bream cuttings with a glass of water to make broth in which to cook the ravioli.
Chef’s tip: season and flavour the broth with leftover fennel tips, a grandma’s secret for recovering leftovers and adding flavour!
Roll out the pasta, brush it with squid ink and cut it into squares; place a teaspoon of filling in the centre of the square, fold in half to get a triangle, close the edges and turn one of the corners around with your index finger. Et voilà…here’s your raviolo. Then, cook the ravioli over a high heat in the broth.

Chef’s signature: serve the ravioli hot on a white Laminam Bocciardato Bianco Lasa serving plate.

Laminam meets Chef Finetti Episode 2 - The choice at the Fiorano Modenese showroom

The renovation of Villa Albertina is almost complete and the time has come for Simone Finetti to choose the slabs that will coat the Villa Albertina kitchen. Claudio Corniola, Laminam R&D Director, shows him how Laminam is a truly superior natural surface, chef-proof! Pietra di Savoia Perla, the surface that will dress the kitchen of the home restaurant, has all the advantages that a chef like Simone needs: boiling pots can be placed directly in contact with the countertop so that the pasta does not burn and, in addition, all it takes is a cloth and, voilà, every stain disappears. Forget trivets and chopping boards, the watchword is functionality, and Laminam truly makes the difference.

Laminam meets Chef Finetti Episode 1 - Visit to the Borgo Val di Taro factory

Simone meets Claudio Corniola, Laminam R&D Director, to learn about the production process of the large sized ceramic slabs that will coat his kitchen at Villa Albertina. Laminam’s secret recipe for making the initial mix involves selected natural raw materials, which the technicians batch, measure and mix just like chefs in the kitchen. The resulting mixture, suitably compacted, decorated and fired, creates superior natural surfaces of great aesthetic value, colour and tactile variety. After firing the slabs, like a fresh pasta made with noble ingredients and in accordance with the best culinary traditions, Simone and Claudio meet in the Laminam showroom in Fiorano Modenese, to choose together the surfaces that will be used for the renovation of Villa Albertina.

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