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Laminam for outdoor cladding

July 2021

With the arrival of summer and the desire to spend time outside, outdoor furniture takes centre stage, and with it the versatile ceramic finishes of Laminam. How to transform verandas, patios and gardens into the perfect spaces for enjoying summer.

For anyone intent on fitting out or renovating outdoor spaces who is looking for functional, elegant solutions capable of withstanding the elements and everyday wear or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, Laminam offers ceramic surfaces which will meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.

Some highly appealing and refined examples to inspire your own outdoor projects are those by Calvi Ceschia Viganò Architetti Associati, Salvatore Puleo Architetto & Partners and CharmItaliaStudio, created with a total look version of the Laminam Effect approach. The architects used Laminam surfaces in seamless continuity for interior and exterior flooring and to line the swimming pools of the Villa Blue Coast on the Côte d’Azur, the Private House in Catania and the Villa Due in Forte dei Marmi. Like a precious ribbon, the material flows freely from the inside out, eliminating visual breaks and emphasising the connection between the various indoor and outdoor spaces.

Laminam ceramic slabs are particularly suitable for outdoors not only due to their aesthetic value but also because they are intrinsically antibacterial and extremely easy to clean. As they are non-porous, Laminam finishes are water-repellent, a characteristic that prevents organic deposits from penetrating deep into the surfaces, thus allowing efficient cleaning even when using nothing more than the jet from the garden hose.

The Natural and Textured finishes of the Laminam range are the most suitable for poolside applications. Their high slip coefficients mean that access to the edge of the pool and use of the surrounding flooring are completely safe for any kind of social activity or games.
Their intrinsic anti-slip properties also mean that Laminam ceramic slabs are ideal as a lining for the swimming pool itself, either in continuity or in harmonious contrast with the exterior flooring. The range of applicable colours and textures offers an endless variety of combinations, making it possible to bring the most sophisticated design projects to life.

Laminam finishes can also be used outside as countertops and vertical coverings for outdoor kitchens, as well as for table tops and seating. They are stain-resistant, acid-proof, and resistant to scratches, abrasions and thermal shock. Their resistance to UV rays means that their colour will not alter with exposure to the sun, but will retain the colour harmony of the original architectural project over time.

Lastly, Laminam slabs, inspired by natural stone, make it possible for outdoor spaces to blend with the surrounding landscape. An example of this is the refined, sunny Private House Olbia project, characterised by the typical style features of Mediterranean architecture. The Roccia finish from the Fokos series, used to cover the surfaces of its open-air kitchen, echoes the colours of the Sardinian landscape and creates a dialogue of colours and textures between the man-made and the rugged beauty of its setting. A design solution which heightens the elegant, natural, sustainable properties of Laminam finishes.

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