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Laminam comes first in LeQuotabili 2019 by Pambianco

November 2019

Laminam comes first in LeQuotabili 2019 by Pambianco.
First prize for GROWTH plus that for the DESIGN CATEGORY 2019 were both awarded to LAMINAM SpA

On 27th November, Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan, the historical seat of the city’s stock exchange, hosted the Italian business awards, Le Quotabili by Pambianco. First prize in the GROWTH category was awarded to LAMINAM, which triumphed over the luxury brands that had claimed the top spot on the podium in recent years. The company also took top honours in its own CATEGORY, outperforming other competitors in the Design and Coverings sector.

The Le Quotabili study carried out each year by Pambianco, a strategic consulting company and key publication for the world of economics and business, was launched as a tool for business and finance and focuses on around 80 companies representing the Made in Italy label in Fashion, Beauty and Design with turnover in excess of 50 million euros.

Le Quotabili analysis is based on figures for turnover, growth and EBITDA and also takes into consideration brand awareness, company size, export share and the market segment in which the company operates. The factors on which the Pambianco Study is based, namely Brand Awareness, Distribution Strength and Market Segment, measured against Turnover for the last 3 years, showed LAMINAM to be the Italian company with the highest recorded GROWTH percentage of all the goods categories analysed, and not just of its own sector: DESIGN and COVERINGS.

“Growth is a huge challenge” stated CEO Alberto Selmi, on collecting the two awards. “It all starts from a few fundamental concepts: innovation, brand, people and clients. When all these notes play in harmony, growth can be achieved through internal channels. Above all when the conductor is an innovative product that creates a new market. Looking at global markets, growth is fundamental: it means that more clients appreciate your product, clients who judge you every day, who tell you that you’re doing well every day. In addition, thanks to new technologies, even if you’re not a multinational, you can still reach the world”.

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