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Private Residences De Gasperi

Private Residences De Gasperi

8 storeys of technology, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency

Surrounded by greenery, the new Residenza De Gasperi in the centre of Brugherio, in the province of Monza Brianza, comprises 8 storeys of technology, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. It is designed to meet extremely high standards and is able to offer outstanding solutions that offer significant comfort. The 22 dwellings have been designed to satisfy the requirements of a demanding clientèle and boast, among other things, an elegant entrance hall, a functional coworking room, a space for electric bicycles, and a refined fitness and spa area with relaxation space and solarium. The residence has achieved Class A2 Energy Certification thanks to the construction materials used and the technologically advanced systems installed, with photovoltaics, home automation and energy efficient systems all contributing to making each apartment exclusive.

  • Location Brugherio, Italy
  • Year 2019
  • Architect GE Homes
  • Applications External Facades
  • Project Type Residential complex
Attention to every detail and selection of environmentally-compatible materials

Attention to every detail and selection of environmentally-compatible materials

The GE Homes real estate group that conceived and executed the build has shown attention to every detail and selected environmentally-compatible materials that guarantee the utmost performance. Among these, Laminam slab is used in both the interior and exterior due to its natural composition and environmental compatibility, as well as for its resistance to external stress and its aesthetic qualities.

Particular use is made of the Fokos Piombo finish, both inside and outside, from the band that characterises the external architecture and serves as an innovative riser for the terraces, to the interior flooring in the fitness room. The collection, the origins of which lie in the primordial force of nature expressed through pure and essential elements such as Rock, Lead, Earth, Salt, has been combined with wood-look Laminam slabs, namely Legno Venezia, with the Sabbia finish, installed on the ceilings of the external terraces. The minimal 3 and 5 mm thicknesses, reinforced on the back with fibreglass, facilitate installation even at great heights and ensure high technical performance in terms of resistance to marks, scratches, impact and abrasion, sudden changes in temperature and UV rays.

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