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The bathroom according to Laminam

From basin and countertop to shower and furniture: Laminam bathroom options are wide-ranging and high-performance, as well as aesthetically varied and always unique.  

We design and produce surfaces that surpass their natural inspirations.By challenging traditional uses of ceramics, we redefine and shape spaces so that they become an expression of the personality of those who inhabit them. We are passionate about the beautiful and the new, and for us, each room is a precious source of experimentation, fresh combinations, and expressive possibilities. This naturally includes the bathroom.What the French call the “salle de bain”: an elegant name for an intimate space.

Today, of course, the bathroom is no longer considered merely as a place of cleanliness and practicality, but, like the kitchen, somewhere that requires a greater effort to blend aesthetics and function. Whether it’s flooring and wall coverings or original, designer furnishing for bathrooms with a modern, shabby chic or underground feel, every single part of the bathroom speaks volumes about us and how we interpret the home.

We would like to show you our own interpretation, through moods, technical features and functional performance.

Bathroom countertop, basin and backsplash in Calacatta Oro Venato - I Naturali series

Ceramic bathroom countertops: more than just a question of style. 

Playing a key role in the room, the countertop brings all the practical and style needs of the bathroom’s designer into focus. As well as being beautiful to look at, it should also be resistant, easy to clean and hygienically safe. Which is why it should be chosen with care, while also taking into account the stylistic context of the other furniture.

The outstanding technical performance of Laminam ceramic slabs makes them ideal for use in more delicate spaces where it is necessary to maintain the utmost hygiene, combat moisture and guarantee that the material remains unchanged over time.
When it comes to cleaning, ceramic bathroom countertops are your most indispensable ally. The ability of Laminam surfaces to inhibit the presence of bacteria, together with their resistance to prolonged contact with the main stubborn stains and the reduction or even elimination of joints, an intrinsic feature of large sizes, means that they result in greater levels of hygiene compared to materials like wood or natural stone.

We are therefore talking about surfaces with the highest standards of quality, the result of advanced technology used to create timeless products, exceptional performance and sustainable processes.

Bathroom countertop and backsplash in Emperador Extra Lucidato - I Naturali series

If it is true that appearances matter (and it is!), then we can’t fail to mention the aesthetic style that characterises Laminam surfaces.

Allow us here to make an important assumption. The one thing all of our creations share is visual appeal, expressed in a which all have two things in common: elegance and beauty. 

The sheer variety of textures, finishes, and material effects available means that our ceramic bathroom countertops are not merely beautiful for their own sake, but play a key role in the overall appeal created by a harmonious match with the rest of the decor.

Bathroom countertop and basins in Noir Desir - I Naturali series

With a view to further raising the bar of the blend between technology and aesthetics, Laminam has successfully overturned another ceramic surface convention by creating IN-SIDE, cutting-edge technology that allows the creation of body and surface continuity of the slabs. This resulted in the series of the same name, inspired by the stones of classic Italian architecture (Porfido, Piasentina, Cardoso). Like them, it is a material which can be processed, interpreted and enhanced on all sides, and can therefore be considered a “ceramic stone” in its own right.

Like diamonds in the rough, IN-SIDE slabs grow in value when expertly processed, particularly in furnishing projects such as bathroom countertops or cladding for bathroom unit doors and drawers.

Detail of basin in Statuarietto - I Naturali series

All the benefits of a basin integrated with the countertop. 

A basin made using the same surface as the countertop is a functional, practical and attractive solution, seamlessly integrating with the rest of the design of the countertop itself. But it is not only a question of style continuity: opting for a basin integrated with the countertop means that it also automatically acquires all the benefits of the ceramic slabs.

As well as guaranteeing hygiene, as we have seen, Laminam porcelain stoneware for the bathroom requires only minimal, effective, rapid cleaning. In short, your basin, like your countertop, will not need any particular maintenance over time, and in general, all you need to clean the surface is warm water and a mild detergent.

Another plus point for ceramic basins is their outstanding resistance to moisture.Their reduced porosity means they do not absorb water as happens with other materials such as wood or natural stone. So you can rest assured: long-term exposure to moisture will not damage Laminam ceramic surfaces.

Shower flooring and wall cladding in Calacatta Oro Venato - I Naturali series

Beauty and well-being: getting away from it all in the shower 

Lastly, that haven of relaxation: the shower. Whether you want to wake up in the morning or wash away a hectic day in the evening; to warm up on a freezing winter day or cool off on scorching summer days, taking a shower is a small everyday pleasure. It makes sense, therefore, to choose it with care, considering the spaces, lighting, materials and colours. Everything should revolve around that feeling of wellness and relaxation we experience in that moment.

For Laminam, the shower is a sanctuary, a corner of the home that as well as being practical, should convey cosiness, cleanliness and space. This is why we favour large, full-height slabs that amplify the space, enhancing it with elegant and unique textures and material effects.

This is true of the I Naturali series, created to bestow a unique value on any room it covers. A new canon of beauty, elegance and grandeur transferred to large size ceramic slabs, that remain unchanged with the passing of time. So that entering a shower clad with the marble-effect Statuario Altissimo finish, for example, will feel like being immersed in Italian architecture, as well as being part of an extremely refined and striking space.

Shower tray and countertop in Verderame - Ossido series

For lovers of coordinated looks, Laminam offers the option of matching the shower cladding or the shower tray with the countertop, basin or any other furniture such as units or drawers.

Thus Laminam includes the bathroom in the design and creation of ceramic surfaces which evoke all the aesthetic charm of the world of stone and wood, of fabrics, and of the intense colours of metals subjected to the effects of time and weather. But as we have seen, they are also underpinned by exceptional performance while never betraying the company’s green identity.

Impermeable, stain and damp resistant, easy to maintain, and durable over time: these are just some of the performance aspects that make Laminam porcelain stoneware ideal for furnishing the bathroom with cutting-edge technology, as well as stylistic originality.