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Flora Pelle

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Sizes / thicknesses avaliable
  • 1000×3000 mm Full Size – Laminam 2
    2 Available Faces Supplied Randomly
  • 1000×3000 mm – Laminam 2+
    2 Available Faces Supplied Randomly
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Laminam finishes offer a one-of-a-kind visual and tactile experience. When we conceive our surfaces, we already imagine them in your space, safely in your home, incorporated into your projects. Whether you distractedly skim your fingers over them or walk barefoot on them, the feeling on your skin is important, and it has an impact on your decision.

Flora is more than decoration.

It is an emotional experience which enhances design surfaces with an homage to nature and to the wonderful interplays of light and shadow created by plant life. Composed of two modular designs, Flora is the visual interpretation of shadows dancing on walls, molded by the movement of the wind and the delicate light filtering between fronds. Room finishes and furniture elements come to life, offering a visual echo of the wonders of the plant world.

Born of the desire to meld Laminam’s advanced technology with a decorative element which speaks the language of delicacy and refinement, Flora takes on a new dimension, where the boundaries between the concrete and the illusory vanish. It is an invitation to rediscover the beauty of twO, a revolutionary surface which redefines the essence of design itself in a thickness of just 2 millimeters.

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