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Dav Milan Restaurant Allianz Tower

Dav Milan Restaurant Allianz Tower

The highest quality raw materials and an exclusive hospitality style

From Bergamo to the jet set of Portofino, passing through St. Moritz and Shanghai, the Milanese stage was missing in the restaurant portfolio of the Cerea family of chefs and entrepreneurs, who chose the Allianz Tower in CityLife for the new DaV, the informal casual dining proposal centred on the highest quality raw materials and an exclusive hospitality style, the flagship of the Da Vittorio system, designed by Andrea Maffei, owner of Andrea Maffei Architects.

Boasting 8 Michelin stars scattered across Europe and Asia, DaV has found a home on the first floor of one of the most iconic skyscrapers on Milan’s new skyline, with 64 seats inside and 94 on the terrace overlooking the square. The Allianz Tower is the futuristic building in the CityLife-Tre Torri shopping district, designed by architects Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei. A new residential and commercial hub, imagined by Isozaki himself with Daniel Libeskind and Zaha Hadid – to whom the names of the three iconic Towers are owed.

  • Location Milano, Italy
  • Year 2022
  • Architect Andrea Maffei
  • Design Studio Andrea Maffei Architects
  • Applications Flooring, Furnishing elements, Wall cladding
  • Project Type Restaurant
At 207 meters, the Allianz Tower is the tallest building in Italy in terms of number of floors

At 207 meters, the Allianz Tower is the tallest building in Italy in terms of number of floors

At 207 meters, the Allianz Tower is the tallest building in Italy in terms of number of floors (50). It was elected as the third most beautiful skyscraper for 2015 by the German data mining company Emporis. Architects Isozaki and Maffei were inspired by a powerful artistic vision, which inevitably involves the concept of aesthetic and functional beauty: the idea of an infinitely repeatable element was converted into a modular system that rises, seamlessly, giving the idea of being able to grow constantly, just like the continuous evolution of the city of Milan. The skin of the skyscraper is a dual chamber, slightly concave glass, transferring the optical perception of a dynamic object that seems to keep growing before the eyes of the observer.

We return from our vertical journey to the base of the Allianz Tower and finally make our way into the “DaV Milano” restaurant, preparing to savour a glam-convivial atmosphere that combines rich gastronomic tradition with star-studded cooking techniques, passing through an interior design where a formal, attentive to details and distinguished cleanliness reigns.

To welcome guests, an elegant corridor inspired by natural stones and created with Pietra Piasentina Grigio slabs from the IN-SIDE collection, applied on the floor throughout the restaurant and as wall cladding in the dining room , in Laminam 5+ thickness in the 1200 x 3000 mm size, visually striking. An aesthetic seamlessness chosen by Architect Andrea Maffei also for the Laminam Natural finish used, which remains particularly true to the sedimentary rock from which it takes its inspiration. Pietra Piasentina Grigio, made in a custom solution without veining for the large floor and wall slabs only, leads to the main entrance, an open-plan area dominated by the welcoming counter of “DaV Milano”.

The counter is characterised by a striking design and is also made of Pietra Piasentina Grigio, but with the typical white veining and Fiammato surface effect, which enhances the aesthetic, tactile and functional performance for which the furnishing design accessory is intended. Tops and surface coverings represent one of the natural uses of Pietra Piasentina, which disrupts the paradigm of ceramic surfaces and creates body and surface continuity, together with the other products in the IN-SIDE range and thanks to cutting-edge technological expertise.

Upon entering the premises, the personality and practicality with which Architect Maffei designed the spaces emerge, selecting functional and aesthetically pleasing components to furnish “DaV Milano”, enriching it without weighing it down.

The practical and essential interior areas are embellished with decorative wall elements vaguely inspired by the Japanese calligraphic tradition with optical contaminations. Three-dimensional effects punctuate the visual composition of the space, leading along a zig-zag path that accompanies guests through the rooms. In the restaurant room, the large-sized Pietra Piasentina flooring counteracts with the sound-absorbing false ceiling in a ‘coffered’ design, expressing a visual contrast that enhances the elements reciprocally.

Un’inedita voglia di eleganza all’interno del progetto casual chic

Laminam ceramic material is applied again in the bar area, with the 1200×3000 mm large slabs in Pietra Piasentina Grigio Fiammato and Laminam 5+ thickness applied to clad the backsplash in the area used for preparing drinks. Bathrooms in Laminam Nero Greco from the I Naturali collection close the project, contributing to emphasise the measured colour palette played on a studied alternation of grey tones and the harmonious interplay of natural wood and three-dimensional orange wall elements.

The continuous course of the large surfaces, only interrupted by the soft veins here and there, contributes to a smooth, sinuous skin effect and defines the suspended, rarefied atmosphere dedicated to the rituals of gourmet cuisine.

The fullness of the marble colour, enhanced by the delicate light veining, conceals an unprecedented desire for elegance within the casual chic design, with the timeless seduction evoked by marble. For the Milanese restaurant, the slab was installed in the 1000×3000 mm large size with Laminam 5 thickness and Polished surface effect: a glam and sophisticated touch for the Cerea family’s customers.


  • Andrea Martiradonna
  • Christophe Colombo, Stefano Sciamarrelli, Luca Pascale / Andrea Maffei Architects
  • Allianz S.p.A.
  • Jacopo Acciaro, Marija Cekovic / Voltaire Lighting Design, Milan
  • Gianfranco Ariatta, Alberto Ariatta, Sylvia Zoppo Vigna, Matteo Simonelli / Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi, Milan
  • Marco Marchesini, Sara Fatihi Nesrine / Marchesini Cooking
  • Vittorio Calvi
  • Silvestre Mistretta / Studio Mistretta & Co.
  • Marco Amosso, Eva Birch, Margherita Testa / DEGW
  • Roberto Giudici, Silvia Aprile, Luca Crivellaro / Artelia
  • Emanuele Siciliano / Atmos
  • Giancarlo Terzi / Sangalli
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