We follow our customers to the four corners of the world

LaminamRUS, Laminam USA, Laminam Canada, Laminam UK, Laminam Germany, Laminam France, Laminam China, Laminam Japan and the latest to be established: Laminam Israel.

The company headquarters firmly remain in Italy, in Fiorano Modenese. Again in Italy are two of the three production plants, the Research & Development laboratories and a company specialising in installation services: Laminam Service. This is to emphasise the brand’s strong national component and its desire for Italian know-how to transpire.

Over the coming years, the objective is to increase the international reach in terms of sales, production and logistics, to make its range of products more accessible to the global market, providing speedy and on-time deliveries and responses.

It should be pointed out that Laminam works at international level, relying on solid partnerships with first-level distributors who are able to convey the distinguishing values of Laminam to the market, with respect to other surface materials. Laminam’s strength lies in valuing partnerships, providing considerable support for all market players, in addition to superior product quality.