Furnishing & Design

Versatility catering to the world of interior design

Owing to the collaboration with Industries from the furniture sector, architects and designers, Laminam slabs have become genuine furnishing surfaces. A versatility that represents without a doubt one of the most interesting frontiers for their use. For this reason, we created a team of engineers who are ready to provide the necessary consulting to support all the players of the interior design supply chain.


  • Architectural consultancy service

    Architects and designers can rely on our staff to embellish their projects with a precious and coordinated design.

  • Support service for the furniture industry

    We are in a position to offer consultancy and customised projects for the furniture industry, to enhance the value and better to promote Laminam furnishing surfaces applied to designer tables, bathroom cabinets, fitted kitchens, wall units, drawer units, doors and staircases. Items of interior design can also be enhanced and coordinated as part of interior design projects where the flooring, wall cladding, worktops, table tops and kitchen countertops are distinguished by Laminam surfaces.

  • Manufacturer consultancy service

    Laminam supports manufacturers by offering them training, consultancy and information. Marble workers, glass workers, carpenters and in general all operators who gravitate around the furniture industry supply chain will be supported by Laminam to define efficient and optimised methods according to the equipment they have at hand.

  • Store consultancy service

    In our company, teamwork is one of our priorities, as is mutual exchange. This is why we provide consultancy and promotional services for furniture and interiors stores, meaning support, promotion, specific training as well as after-sales assistance.

  • Services for private individuals

    For us, customer satisfaction comes first. This is why we are ready and willing to provide advice on the most suitable finish for a particular type of use, as well as information about correct slab maintenance, to ensure they remain beautiful and stand the test of time.