Cladding & Flooring

Your creativity supported by our know-how

Buildings where the aesthetic component has taken on an increasingly important role. Architectural complexes which need to comply with a changing world and that require greater environmental sustainability. The versatility of our surfaces is a precious tool for architects and designers, who can choose among a host of different colours, combinations of various finishes, ductility in the installation choices, to achieve beauty and excellence in the end result.

The Laminam Project Engineering division provides all the know-how of its experts to provide support in the choice of slabs according to their characteristics. The objective is to support designers in enhancing the value of the projects and spaces.


  • Engineering Consultancy Service

    Our slabs have an especially broad range of uses and they can be used to clad indoor settings, lending them great elegance and, at the same time, plenty of personality. This result is possible thanks also to the know-how of our experts, who can support designers in finding the most suitable solution to achieve long-lasting, satisfactory results.

  • Architectural Consultancy Service

    Architects and designers can rely on our staff best to enhance the full potential of their project and the superior characteristics of Laminam slabs.

  • Consultancy and Training Service for Installers

    The installation phase is definitely one of most important, where expertise and technical know-how play a fundamental role. For this reason, Laminam provides installers and layers with a team of experts who are ready to support them every step of the way, to guarantee maximum styling appeal. Where requested, the Laminam Service division offers a “turnkey” installation service to guarantee optimum, impeccable results.