External surfaces

Thanks to the external Ambience treatment and the combination of properties of the chemical elements on which it is based, Laminam slabs used for vertical wall cladding or facades provide benefits to the surrounding environment, promoting three crucial actions for better quality of life: air purification, self-cleaning surfaces, and antibacterial action.

Air purification

External Ambience treatments are based on titanium dioxide’s (TiO2) natural photocatalytic properties, which are activated on contact with light. The reaction with sunlight releases active oxygen (O2) which oxidises and breaks down pollutants, transforming them into substances which are harmless to the environment, such as water and soluble salts. The advantage is the elimination of harmful volatile organic substances (VOC, NOx, SOx).*

Self-cleaning action**

Active oxygen and an increase in surface hydrophilia, both resulting from the combined action of sunlight and titanium dioxide, the natural ingredient on which Laminam bases its Ambience treatments, are able to break down a number of organic substances***. This process disperses impurities from Laminam surfaces, reducing them to substances which can then simply be washed away by the rain. As the surfaces remain cleaner for longer, this reduces the frequency of maintenance work which in turn keeps costs down.

Antibacterial action

On surfaces treated with Ambience, natural photocatalysis sets off a process of oxidisation, which aids the neutralisation of bacteria and inhibits the growth of mould and mildew. More specifically, the oxidants generated can pass through the bacterial membrane and halt the mechanism of DNA replication. At the end of this process, harmful organic substances are transformed into harmless molecules such as water and soluble salts.



*It is NOT able to break down particulates (PM10).

**It is NOT able to completely remove stubborn stains which adhere to surfaces quickly and solidly (e.g. cement and silicon sealants, paint, rust and efflorescence).

***Ambience treatments help to remove the layer of organic dirt that may develop on Laminam surfaces due to pollution (e.g. VOC, hydrocarbons from smog, general organic compounds).