Villa Anna


Forte dei Marmi / Italy


Private residence

Kitchen countertop:
Pietra di Savoia Antracite Bocciardata
Laminam 12+

Photo credits: Matteo Andrei

Just a stone’s throw from the sea in Forte dei Marmi, Villa Anna stands out for its minimal but elegant finish, right from the entrance where we are welcomed by succulent plants and the white color of the outdoor / indoor flooring.
For Villa Anna a kitchen has been designed with clean lines and light colors contrasted with the dark color of the countertop with integrated sink, made with Pietra di Savoia Antracite Bocciardata, which makes it elegant and functional and it is enriched by a long rectangular section of the kitchen island in Canaletto walnut wood. The natural materials and Laminam surfaces are therefore mixed to create a clean but warm environment, designed in harmony.
The alchemy between outdoor and indoor make this villa original. A poetic unicum, elegant but at the same time practical able to accommodate the needs of those who live it in everyday life.

  • Pietra di Savoia Antracite Bocciardata

    I Naturali

    Arredo e Complementi, Pavimenti e Rivestimenti, Facciate Esterne

    1000x3000 - Laminam 3, 1000x3000 - Laminam 3+, 1000x3000 - Laminam 5, 1620x1620 - Laminam 5+, 1620x3240 - Laminam 5, 1620x3240 - Laminam 5+, 1620x3240 - Laminam 12+, 1620x3240 - Laminam 20+

    Pietra di Savoia Antracite Bocciardata

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