Sydney University

Woods Bagot Sydney

Sydney / Australia


Laminam 3+, Laminam 5
I Naturali, Pietra di Savoia Grigia Bocciardata
Collection, Perla Lucidato
Collection, Fumo

One of Laminam’s most recent accomplishments, these particularly appealing interior coverings in the new University of Sydney Business School buildings by Woods Bagot, who are among the leading architecture studios on an international scale, boasting a team of over 800 professionals distributed across the various offices in Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.
Based on the idea of creating a cutting-edge training model and fostering interaction with the entrepreneurial community, the architectural solution devised by Woods Bagot consists of a series of boxes grouped together around spaces designed to work like “glue” in order to promote sociability and collaboration among students.

The I Naturali Pietre series in the Pietra di Savoia Grigia finish, size 1000×3000 mm and 5.6 mm thick, was applied onto the floor of the university complex. This particular surface provides a faithful reproduction of the technical and styling essence of the natural material that inspired its conception, providing high-tech textures. Its smooth and surprisingly structured surfaces create a strong sense of consistency and continuity, blending the various spaces together and reinforcing that sense of merger and sharing that permeates the entire project. The sunlight that floods the interiors through the large windows and the central skylight is reflected on the floor, lending the setting a significant sense of brightness and emphasising the natural effect of the ceramic surfaces.
The Laminam presence is completed by the supply of Collection and Tredi surfaces, which have been used on the covering walls and staircases, illustrating the myriad applicable possibilities of LAMINAM slabs.

Laminam ceramic slab properties:

· Resistant to scratches and deep abrasion
· Resistant to mildew and fungi
· Resistant to stains
· Resistant to chemicals
· Resistant to UV rays
· Intrinsic hygienic quality
· Low maintenance and easy cleaning
· Easy processing
· Suitable for contact with food

  • Perla Lucidato


    Cladding & Flooring, External Facades, Furnishings & Design

    1000x3000 - Laminam 5

    Perla Lucidato
  • Pietra di Savoia Grigia Bocciardata

    I Naturali

    Cladding & Flooring, External Facades, Furnishings & Design

    1000x3000 - Laminam 3, 1000x3000 - Laminam 3+, 1000x3000 - Laminam 5, 1620x1620 - Laminam 5+, 1620x3240 - Laminam 5, 1620x3240 - Laminam 5+, 1620x3240 - Laminam 12+, 1620x3240 - Laminam 20+

    Pietra di Savoia Grigia Bocciardata
  • Fumo


    Cladding & Flooring, External Facades, Furnishings & Design

    1000x3000 - Laminam 3, 1000x3000 - Laminam 3+


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