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Cagliari / Italy


Type of Project: Residential
Customer and Producer: Tomasi Edilizia 

Designer:Architetti Mei e Pilia Associati
Design Team: Gianluca Pilia, Luciano Mei, Ivano Manca, Francesco Mulas, Agnese Corgiolu, Marco Casu, Saverio Muscas

External façade

500 x 1500 mm
Laminam 3+

Against the backdrop of a lush garden returned to the City, Rossinicinque is the new residential setting. Shapes, colours and lights design a sophisticated building, expressing an elegant and contemporary lifestyle. The project by Edilizia and Architetti Mei and Pilia Associati is a 2020 Finalist in the prestigious THE PLAN AWARD, the annual international award sponsored by one of the most acclaimed Italian architecture and design magazines today. The award honours excellence in architecture, interior design and city planning, with 20 thematic categories and more than 1,000 nominated projects each year. The contest is an opportunity for professionals to get involved with their innovative proposals, becoming part of an international community and contributing to the debate on the most topical issues in project design. The quality of the competition is underlined by an international jury composed of leading figures from the fields of planning, design, real estate and academic world.

Adding to the recognitions for Rossinicinque Contemporary Living was also the Silver Winner of the Grands Prix du Design 2021 for the Residential Building category. Each year, the Grand Prix du Design celebrates the creative talent of international professionals, spanning architecture, building and real estate, interior design, landscaping, photography and product design. The competition is a gateway to extensive media coverage, reaching new markets and connecting with new customers.

The backdrop to the project is the city of Cagliari, which is developed close to the hills and overlooks the Golfo degli Angeli, according to a settlement pattern consisting mainly of residential buildings flush with the street. “In this landscape context, the Urban Revolution project is developed with a reconstruction intervention that ‘challenges’ the status quo of the area by interrupting the visual and constructive monotony of the terraced buildings” – Tomasi Edilizia.

The strong and essential lines of Rossinicinque, given by the symbolic element that characterises the main façade, are the result of a proportion between the vertical thrusts created by the sunshade and the horizontal thrusts of the terraces, which through plays of perspective harmonise the perception and impressiveness of the building. Together with the glass windows and the large terraces, two architectural elements stand out in the design: the wall partitions form a geometric pattern that creates a play of light and shadow, and the grigio scuro sunshade, a suitable finish to protect the interior spaces from the strong summer sun, a trend of the entire complex. This ‘red thread’ wraps around all the terraces of the building, connecting the back with the front, thus giving a homogeneous interpretation to the entire building and creating a play of colour contrasts with the large Laminam surfaces applied as external cladding to the façade. Chosen in the Neve shade of the Collection series in Laminam 3+ thickness and 500×1500 mm size, the neutral shade with a hint of silver recalls a feeling of freshness, fills spaces and volumes, restoring style, elegance, but also softness.


Customer and producer: Tomasi Edilizia.  @tomasiedilizia

Designer: Architects Mei and Pilia Associates  @meiepiliaassociati

Photos: @studio_vetroblu

  • Neve


    Cladding & Flooring, External Facades, Furnishings & Design

    1000x3000 - Laminam 3, 1000x3000 - Laminam 3+


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