Cemento Nero Bocciardato

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CEMENTI - Cemento Nero Bocciardato

Pictures colours and features have to be considered indicative.


  • Bocciardato Bocciardato

    Dimensioni disponibili
    1000x3000mm (39.4" x 118.1") / Laminam 5

Cemento Nero Bocciardato represents – both in colour and material – the power of a collection that wants to convey the idea of soundness. The Nero Bocciardato colour will result in an almost solemn surface, lightened by the skilful finishes designed by Laminam: these are never marked and give a breath of fresh air to the large slabs. The Nero Bocciardato is therefore a bold and versatile solution in terms of combinations, but at the same time capable of influencing style choices. [...]

The Cementi collection makes material its strength: the marked textural character of the surface, enhanced in the Nero version, is abstracted thanks to the precious finishes obtained through a special process. Very internationally appreciated, the Bocciardato finish of this range reproduces the effect of cement thanks to a special processing of the slabs. The result is a solid, unscratchable yet elegant and sophisticated wall. Sensations confirmed by Laminam's technical quality: Cementi claddings are resistant and natural, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Finally, Cemento Nero Bocciardato lends itself to domestic and commercial solutions, in closed and open spaces. The anti-slip R10 finish extends its laying possibilities.


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