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Partnership Strengthened and Expansion in Kyrgyzstan

July 2024

Smart Facade Visits Laminam HQ

The bond between Laminam and its distributors is a fundamental component of the Company’s global success.

On Monday, July 8, Laminam’s distributor for Kyrgyzstan, Smart Facade, visited the Italian headquarters as proof of joint growth and to seal the commitment to a common successful future.

Welcomed by CEO Alberto Selmi and CFO Giulio Luzi of Laminam, they planned market strategies and shared best practices to further strengthen the partnership.

In addition to the visit to Laminam’s headquarters, the program reserved for the Smart Facade team included a series of significant activities: a visit to the Lamborghini Museum, highlighting the recent partnership with the Sant’Agata Bolognese brand; a tour of the Laminam factory and showroom; a meeting with the project engineering team for training sessions, and finally, an informal ceremony culminating with the presentation of a well-deserved recognition to Dzhailokeev Daniiar and Mambetkulov Kanybek (co-owners of Smart Facade) for the long-standing and ever-stronger partnership with Laminam.

Mono-branded showroom in Bishkek

The presence in Kyrgyzstan and the promotion of Laminam surfaces was strengthened in 2023 with the opening of a mono-branded showroom in Bishkek, the main economic and cultural center of the country. This space represents a tangible sign of the growing attention that Laminam reserves for collaboration with professional communities and the strategic importance of market presence.

Inaugurated in April in the presence of Zaur Yakhtanigov, responsible for commercial development of Laminam in Transcaucasia and Central Asia, the Bishkek showroom quickly became a center of attraction for architects, designers, construction experts, and contractors, whose creative ideas and ambitions find new forms and meanings with Laminam.

Konstantin Sempelidi, chief architect of Biplane Group, an interior design studio that took care of the design of the exhibition space, illustrated the design concept, emphasizing the importance of creating a harmonious and comfortable public space, drawing attention to the value of multifunctionality and well-studied ergonomics.

This space embodies the values and identity of the Laminam brand, offering designers and architects the opportunity to discover the brand’s latest innovations and to experience the wide range of surfaces, textures, and finishes.

The Laminam showroom in Kyrgyzstan is located at 54A, Maldybaeva Street, Bishkek.

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