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Decorating with white

Our ideas for a stylish transformation of your home

White: always a byword for simplicity, brightness and elegance, it has been embraced by the new interior design trends as the key feature of home decor. Laminam enhances any home setting with its wide range of white ceramic surfaces, each with their own distinctive details, nuances and tones, covering floors, walls, kitchen countertops, bathrooms and furniture exactly as the homeowner desires.

Any style you like, as long as it’s white.

Whether it’s Scandinavian, classic, shabby chic, minimalist, urban or luxury, it appears that nowadays our home styling can’t do without white in all its hues.
It can be used in any setting, from floors to walls, from kitchen to bathroom, as well as for furniture, to help light up rooms in a natural way and give the impression of enlarging the space.

With a vast array of white ceramic surfaces in different shades, textures and intensities, Laminam joins the most fashionable decor styles, becoming part of the furniture in every sense. In combination with other furnishing, it forms a variety of solutions designed to meet the most individual of preferences.

And what better mood than a “White Christmas” to show you a few ideas for white flooring and wall cladding, kitchen countertops and furniture? Here are our suggestions for bringing a touch of white – and style – to your home.

The white kitchen: from design, to classicism, to striking solutions.

It’s the room where we spend most of our time, a shrine to lunches and dinners, and, why not, relaxation too.  The kitchen never goes unnoticed and often dictates the style of the rest of the house.
That’s why we choose it so carefully, striking the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic refinement

Kitchen with countertop and backsplash in Bianco Statuario Venato Book Match - I Naturali

If you are looking for classic, striking solutions with timeless appeal, the  I Naturali series is the one for you. Inspired by the stones of classic Italian architecture, it catches the eye of all those who see it, redefining the traits of a new aesthetic paradigm. With its ample range of whites, which mimic marble in all its glory, the ceramic slabs of the I Naturali series bestow a certain grandeur on the kitchen, for a style of luxury focused on distinctiveness, as well as timeless appeal.

Detail of kitchen countertop and backsplash in Bianco Statuario Venato Book Match - I Naturali

Every single white in the I Naturali series puts its own individual slant on the timeless elegance of marble and its unique characteristics. From the Bianco Statuario Venato to the Calacatta Michelangelo, as well as the Statuarietto and the Bianco Lasa, each one features veining of varying subtlety, which mimics the original appearance of the stone that inspires it, and which helps to bestow a unique value on the spaces in which they are placed.

Detail of kitchen countertop, sink and backsplash in Statuarietto Lucidato - I Naturali

Kitchen countertop and wall cladding in Bianco Lasa Lucidato - I Naturali

Do you prefer modern design and a more versatile style, that plays on combinations of shades and materials without sacrificing originality? Then Bianco Assoluto from the Collection series may be just what you’re looking for. With its distinctive character and unique, sleek beauty, a kitchen in Bianco Assoluto is sure to make an impression, marking you out as someone who loves to move with the times. Let your imagination loose and get creative by mixing up coordinating or contrasting colours on flooring and wall cladding. Our range of colours will allow you to play around with various combinations, making your home exactly as you imagine it.
As for furnishings, the trending colours for 2022 to match with white are: lavender, aquamarine, grey-blue, sage green and dove grey. If you would rather enrich the space and make it cosier, focus on choosing metallic colours such as bronze, copper and gold, which reflect the light, adding attractive sparkle to a white background

Detail of kitchen in Bianco Assoluto - Collection

This brings us to a more industrial mood, a sleek, functional design with clean-cut lines which reveals a more rational design approach which never sacrifices sophisticated aesthetics. The Calce texture, inspired by industrial plaster and cement, gives the kitchen a sophisticated look that could be defined as urban chic.

Kitchen in Bianco - Calce series

White for flooring and wall cladding.
A sense of cleanliness, purity, brightness: white is a colour which, in all its nuances, helps to light up spaces in a natural way and make them seem larger. Once again, the textures of Calce and Collection lend themselves perfectly to decorating floors (indoor and outdoor) and coverings. With their natural aesthetic continuity, which transforms interior and exterior spaces in a variety of styles, Collection – Bianco Assoluto and Calce – Bianco remind us that there is no part of the home that cannot embrace our most personal taste.
As the name suggests, Laminam Bianco Assoluto reflects back all the natural light coming in through the windows, flooding the spaces with exceptional brightness.

Calce – Bianco is softer and warmer, its superb matte finish perfectly capturing the effect of brushed concrete in its characteristic surface shadows.

Indoor and outdoor flooring in Bianco Assoluto - Collection; Indoor and outdoor flooring in Bianco - Calce

But what’s the main ingredient for a bathroom à la Versailles? Large-size slabs of I Naturali Calacatta Oro Venato Lucidato will guarantee the right result! Here, the polished finish is complemented by gold-tone veining, the exclusive byword for sumptuous style.

Bathroom flooring and wall cladding in Calacatta Oro Venato Lucidato - I Naturali

Furniture: the white table and other ideas.

Tables, chairs, furniture: in a white-focused decor scheme, these elements shouldn’t be overlooked. Glossy or matte, veined or unveined, creamy or pure white: furniture choices are endless when it comes to decorating the home.  Furniture selection is particularly important as it influences the colours and materials of the flooring and cladding. The appeal of pure white, for example, is magnified when combined with wood-effect ceramic slabs, such as those in our Legno Venezia series. Colours including Corda, Noce and Sabbia bring the welcoming warmth of wood without sacrificing the practicality of easy cleaning.

Zamagna table in Bianco Assoluto - Collection

Although often overlooked when discussing furniture, even the entrance door is a great opportunity for displaying domestic style. Here we have a magnificent example by Oikos, in a spacious setting of great elegance and refinement.

Door by Oikos Venezia in Bianco Statuario Venato - I Naturali

White is always the right choice!

In short, however it is used, white should always be included in your interior designs. Shape it according to your tastes and use it however you prefer, to create that warm place that reflects who you are, and that you’ll always call “home”.