Trapping the passing of time onto the surface of ceramic

The Oxide line is in some way the older sister of the Ossido line, and it is one of Laminam’s oldest products. In this case too, its creation started with a study of materials, which were observed and subjected to the atmospheric agents; a specific moment in the oxidation process on the ceramic surface was then “caught on camera”.

This series is the result of in-depth decorative and stylistic research. Oxide surfaces are the sum of multiple decorative technologies which are combined and embellished with natural metallic-look pigments. The line is available in five colours: avorio, bianco, moro, nero and perla (ivory, white, brown, black and pearl). Each one is striking due to its profound chromatic intensity.

The key word in the Oxide series is ductility. This line adapts perfectly to anything, from the exterior cladding of large surfaces, to interior furnishings, from classic style to futuristic looks, creating high-impact three-dimensional effects that lend their surroundings a sophisticated appearance.

A high-impact solution suitable for total looks

Technical details

Technical details

All the surfaces in the Oxide series are distinguished by the technical excellence of Laminam; they are resistant to impact, stains and scratches.

The versatility of ceramic means the surfaces retain their specifications even when they are exposed to heat, frost and UV rays, with an average water absorption of 0.1%.

Oxide is a totally natural product that is entirely food-safe because it does not release elements in a solution (even in the event of a fire) and does not allow mould and mildew to form.

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