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When it comes to cladding for external façades, we offer a modern look coupled with outstanding technical performance. This perfect balance of aesthetics and technology makes Laminam ceramic slabs the ideal solution for façades. The sheer variety of series and colours available ensures exceptional flexibility to suit a wide range of settings and buildings. The technical features, sizes and designs of Laminam ceramic cladding for façades make it the ideal choice for providing high performance in terms of energy savings, mechanical stress, and resistance to wear, chemical agents and abrasion.

Laminam offers a wide range of ceramic slabs for cladding exterior façades to meet every need, available in thicknesses ranging from 3 to 20+, to be used according to the requirement of current regulations, whether the design is from scratch or a renovation.
Over time, the nature-inspired Laminam series have been enriched with new textures and finishes to satisfy the creativity of designers, architects, and anyone wishing to bring a fresh, high-performance and aesthetically superior dimension to their spaces.

Each available product has its own BIM Objects in the relevant BIM design section. BIM models are strategic resources shared by Laminam, to support architects and designers in the decision-making process when choosing the right ceramic surfaces for their projects.
Laminam cladding for exterior façades in porcelain stoneware offers greater surface durability and resistance to the elements thanks to the inherent properties of ceramic. Laminam slabs withstand heat, high temperatures and thermal shock, while their low surface porosity also makes them resistant to moisture and UV rays, thus bringing the best out of every project by ensuring that the colours stand the test of time.

Laminam ceramic surfaces can be used for a wide range of cladding applications, including:
Ventilated façades, insulation systems or bonded cladding

There are many advantages to using Laminam ceramic slabs for external cladding:

  • They are aesthetically pleasing and high-impact, evoking all the beauty of natural stone
  • They aid thermal insulation, thus increasing energy savings
  • They do not place a strain on structures, as their reduced thickness results in a lighter weight
  • They are fire-resistant: in the event of fire they will not encourage the spread of flame
  • They ensure protection from water, UV rays and the elements
  • They guarantee a more hygienic space
  • They are resistant and durable, are not subject to corrosion, the surface remains smooth and even and colours stand the test of time
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • They are sustainable and recyclable. As faithful reproductions of natural materials such as wood and marble, they do not spoil the landscape. They are also made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

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