They are the ‘ambassadors’ of the Laminam philosophy across the world. The group showrooms, each one with a specific concept, arise in the world’s major cities to allow the brand to appeal to an increasingly broad market interested in its product range, boasting aesthetic styling and quality

Laminam Headquarter

Via Ghiarola Nuova, 258
41042, Fiorano Modenese (MO)

Inaugurated in 2013, this was the company’s first showroom and it constitutes the ‘heart of Laminam’, directly expressing its philosophy. Spanning more than 800 m2, and split into four different areas, Laminam Headquarters were built around an idea of space plied to the concepts of freedom and continuity which distinguish our surfaces. An area embellished by artistic installations and paths borrowed from natural contexts where architecture constitutes a meeting place between man, the environment and nature.

In this regard, the presence of the large installation by the artist Luca Pozzi is emblematic. Not only does he give aesthetic styling the utmost attention, but it is also a way to allow visitors to experiment perceptively with the properties of our surfaces, according to various sensory methods. The path begins with the free slabs, where sight and touch come into contact with our products. The slab sample library is the kingdom of scenic effects, with more than 100 real-size slabs. The interactive and multimedia videowall area grants access to the Laminam document archives. Then there’s the magnetic board, where architects and interior designers can play, experimenting creatively with samples from all the series. Last but not least, the Technical Applications area contains all the engineered solutions for the application of Laminam surfaces to technical systems for exterior cladding, curtain wall systems, access floor systems, prefabricated systems or outdoor flooring. This specific area tends to show off the superior engineering level with which Laminam supports the promotion of its surfaces in technical fields.

Milan Showroom

Via Verdi, 5
20121, Milan (MI)

In the international design capital, the Laminam showroom is located in the heart of the city of Milan, in the Brera district, which for centuries thanks to the presence of the Academy of Fine Arts has focused on aesthetics and beauty, so much so that it has transformed this area into one of the main facilities hosting the Fuori Salone collateral events. The exhibition space is situated just a stone’s throw from the Scala Theatre, a symbol of Milan all over the world, whose classic shapes were embellished in 2004 by the modern scenic tower.

Laminam wanted to recreate the same concept in its showroom. The classic appeal of the building’s historic silhouettes are supplemented with the contemporary cut of the ceramic surfaces, in a dynamic and flexible space where past and future cohabit through a game of slender and harmonious interweaving.
The showroom presents the main series and an overview of the uses of the material, available in the two sizes: 1000×3000mm with a thickness of 3 and 5 mm, ideal for flooring and wall cladding, and 1620×3240mm with a thickness of 12 mm and 20 mm designed for horizontal surfaces.
A selection of 12 mm surfaces is displayed along the walls at the entrance to the showroom: each slab is exhibited like a great and precious “tapestry”, so visitors can appreciate their extraordinary dimensions, as well as their aesthetics and solidity, accompanied by coatings produced through book matching of the series inspired by natural marbles.

Further inside the showroom, visitors can admire the use of Laminam slabs in architecture consisting of an example of a ventilated façade composed of 1000x3000mm surfaces applied through direct bonding. Four slab sample holders are also available for consultation, so visitors can admire and feel the various textures and their textured surfaces with their own hands.

Tel Aviv Showroom

3 Bezalel St., Ramat Gan
Tel Aviv

The showroom in Tel Aviv is situated in the city-centre district of Ramat Gan, the economic heart of the Israeli capital and a benchmark in the country for luxury and new trends.

The Laminam exhibition space stretches approximately 170 m² and is entirely dedicated to the use of our surfaces in the furnishing industry. Its outfitting was possible thanks to the partnership with Eyal Shiman, local distributor for the world of furniture. The showroom showcases 38 ceramic slabs in the 1620×3240 size. The central island assures a strong visual impact, made in Ossido Nero, in stark contrast with the flooring in Pietra di Savoia Grigia and the wall cladding in Statuarietto.

Tokyo Showroom

Tokyo Design Centre, 5 Chome-25-19 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa City
141-0022, Tokyo

The Tokyo showroom is located inside the Tokyo design centre, one of the Japanese capital’s most iconic venues, always ready to welcome and implement all input from modernity.

Approximately 100 products are available, displayed on large sized sliding panels, which can be used to recreate the customer’s ideal setting.

Osaka Showroom

5 Chome-4-8 Setoguchi, Hirano Ward
547-0034, Osaka

The Osaka showroom is set up according to a concept which is very similar to the one in the Tokyo showroom.

Simple, cosy spaces, optimised to the max, where Laminam architectural surfaces gleam in all their elegance and solemnity. Particular focus is placed on the versatility of the slabs, with example applications such as flooring, wall cladding, table tops and kitchen countertops.

China Showroom

No.200 Wending Road,
Xuhui District

“Design philosophy”: In keeping with the simple awareness of the aesthetic trends of the contemporary man.

The showroom design is also based on a simple and highly efficient design concept; attention is placed solely on the slabs, without accessory items emphasising the wealth of the slab itself. A range of straight horizontal lights recessed into the ceiling illuminate the slabs from above, showing off the details of the surfaces.