OEB Headquarters

Architettura Design Paesaggio, RS2 Architetti

Modena / Italy


Collection, Nero
Fokos, Piombo
Filo, Argento
Laminam 5

OEB is a company that specialises in precision mechanics and additive manufacturing applied to various industries, from motor sports, to medical, packaging and even aerospace.

To work precisely, everything has to be neat and tidy, clean and thoroughly organised, but this type of environment can’t only be recreated through a sterile setting. Indeed, for the refurbishment of its production facility, OEB designed a space that places the individual in the centre of the world, meant as an integral part of nature, with which he or she needs to stay in touch and interact constantly.

The new production plant recently inaugurated in the province of Modena is built entirely with the aim of creating continuity between the exterior and the interior.  Wherever you are inside the building, if you look outside and train your eye skywards, you will have visual contact with the surrounding nature.

The focus on the environment and the pursuit of superior quality of life can also be seen in the choice of materials made by the designer Emanuele Ferrari, (from “ESTERNI ADp s.r.l.”), who was in charge of Artistic Direction and conceived the Architecture and Landscape project, with the help of studio RS2 architetti. Indeed, on the one hand, there’s the design of the greenery all around the building, even becoming an integral part thereof, as in the case of the large Cork Oak that is entangled with the front pillar and the frame of plants that surrounds the external perimeter on the first floor and in the courtyard, on the other the painstaking care for details is ultimately expressed in the natural material used for the finishes, in this case pure porcelain stoneware in warm, neutral colours.

Inside: 1000×3000 mm ceramic slabs in Fokos Piombo as flooring and Filo Argento for the continuous walls.

Outside: 2,000 sq.m. of Collection Nero ceramic slabs surround the large floor-to-ceiling windows for an immediate impact to recall the contrast between light and shadow.

  • Piombo


    Cladding & Flooring, External Facades, Furnishings & Design

    1000x3000 - Laminam 3+, 1000x3000 - Laminam 5, 1620x1620 - Laminam 5+, 1620x3240 - Laminam 5+, 1620x3240 - Laminam 12+, 1620x3240 - Laminam 20+

  • Argento


    Cladding & Flooring, External Facades, Furnishings & Design

    1000x3000 - Laminam 3+

  • Nero


    Cladding & Flooring, External Facades, Furnishings & Design

    1000x3000 - Laminam 3+


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