Interior designer Julie Mifsud ‘pours on the porcelain’ with latest kitchen project


San Francisco-based designer Julie Mifsud of Julie Mifsud Interior Design boasts a loyal client base – one that includes some of the Bay Area’s biggest personalities! POUR ON THE PORCELAIN is her latest project, which involves a full kitchen remodel. This contemporary restoration, created in partnership with Artistic Tile and Stone and Laminam, blends distinct Italian tiles to produce a picturesque design that exudes luxury in all forms. We connected with Julie to learn more about the inspiration behind her design, her favourite features of the room, and her experience using Laminam for the project.

Tell us about your kitchen renovation 

This kitchen renovation was instigated by other work going on in the home – in which the client decided it was time to get it right! We opened up the space to the family room and main dining area creating a ‘Great Room’ effect.

What was the inspiration behind the design of the space? 

The main inspiration behind the design was a light open space that looked updated but not overly modern, and ease of using the kitchen. The family entertains often, cooks with oils and spices, and wanted a worry-free cooking space. My client loves Calacatta marble – which was the inspiration behind using material for the countertops that would capture the natural stone look with easy worry-free cleanup. We had two posts that we had to surrender to on the island that were structural.


What were some of the “must haves” you wanted to feature in the finished space? 

We had a list of must haves for this project:

  • Worry-free countertops and cabinets – with ease of cleaning
  • Marble looking surfaces
  • Waterfall on the island
  • Integrated appliances
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Electric drawer openers
  • Additional seating
  • Influence the family room to create a great room which all flows together

We turned these “must haves” into features. I believe this was the recipe that made this kitchen so special. Once we started planning and creating the space, our use of porcelain became contagious. It was the link that would pull the family room and the kitchen together.

We had the options to use it on drawer fronts, Range hood, backsplash, baseboard, and many other areas. I had used porcelain countertops on previous bathroom projects, so I knew the durability and look was perfect.

Laminam’s Calacatta Michelangelo has a look and feel making it a perfect replica of marble.

Our fabricator was excited to take this challenge on which is half the battle. Porcelain countertops are a new and innovative product and teaching the clients about them and the reasons why to use them for their projects takes some educating. There are many questions like…. why?   why?   why? The countertops speak for themselves. It’s not too good to be true.  Trust us!

What was your experience working with the Laminam surfaces?

Our experience working with Laminam was amazing. There were 6 different slab faces that the client was able to choose from. This involved the client – she was able to see all the full slabs thanks to Artistic Tile & Stone/San Carlos. The island had a waterfall and we micromanaged where the veining would bookmatch, its layout, and how the length of the island would work with the structural posts. Below is a great pic of the planning that went into our project.


Why did you choose Calacatta Michelangelo?

The decision to use Laminam was easy! The Calacatta has a nice snow-white background with dominant veining. We also needed both 6mm and 12mm thicknesses. Many don’t realize there is a 6mm option. We used this on the face of the island drawers, hood and fireplace and wrap on the posts. As the project was coming to fruition,  it was as if the use of this material was contagious. Below lists the areas where we used Laminam:

  • Kitchen Countertops/Backsplash
  • Range Hood
  • Island/Waterfall
  • Island Posts
  • Island Drawer Faces
  • Fireplace Wall
  • Console Countertop
  • Coffee Table
  • Bar Top
  • Sofa Arms

Our pictures are worth thousands of words. Our client is extremely happy. She has a great room that flows beautifully, and her working kitchen is worry-free!

Our next venture is to line the back of her entry door with the 6mm.  The porcelain story continues…


What advice do you have for those looking to renovate their kitchen?

My advice for anyone looking to renovate their kitchen is to capture the look that you LOVE! Research  the longevity of the materials that you are considering. How easy are they to use and clean? 

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