Designer Cameron Bird soars high with striking kitchen design project


Toronto based designer Cameron Bird is no stranger to luxury design. Owner and principal designer of Cameron Bird Designs, she has a natural ability to walk into a room and determine exactly what needs to be done to create a beautiful yet functional space. Her recent project on a home located in the heart of the city is a prime example. We connected with Cameron to learn more about the Harrison Project, the inspiration behind her design process, and why she loves working with Laminam surfaces.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your design firm.

I work in interior design in two roles. I am the Design Director at a small design build firm I run with my husband. The firm is called Blue Lion Building and the Harrison project was designed and built through our company. I also run my own company titled Cameron Bird Design where I primarily work as an interior stylist as well as taking on a few decorating clients a year.

What is the overall inspiration behind the design of the Harrison Project?

The inspiration for the Harrison Project was to create a modern light filled, yet warm and inviting home. The kitchen is in the centre of the home reflecting the notion of the kitchen being the heart of a home. The house is long and narrow, and we wanted the kitchen to have a warm and inviting feel that draws you into it. We opted to buck the norm of a white kitchen, and go with darker teak cabinets and the Calce Nero Laminam counters. This draws the eye to the back of the house. The warm tones of the cabinetry and counters make the kitchen feel as though it is quality furniture. By adding a small lamp and artwork, the kitchen feels less utilitarian and more cozy and warm, aligning the rest of the home.


Were there any must-haves for the kitchen?

We put a lot of thought and consideration into our designs, especially our kitchen designs. We are constantly thinking about how to design to benefit a future homeowner. With a kitchen we try to maximise storage, we know the trend is to not have upper cabinets, but we feel people need those cabinets. We also prioritise a kitchen that is functional and easy to keep tidy. Easy to clean counters are a must as well as induction stoves. We would like to start eliminating gas connections from our future homes. We love induction’s ease, speed, tidiness, and of course no gas burning in our home as we cook.

The kitchen countertops feature Laminam in the Calce Nero color. Can you explain the design choice?

We chose the Calce Nero Laminam because we wanted a dark grounding color in the kitchen as well as a color that would complement the teak cabinets, the black framed windows, and the dark moody dining room.

Why was Laminam chosen for the surfaces in this space?

We chose Laminam for the kitchen for a variety of reasons. I have had Laminam counters in a previous house I lived in, and I loved the countertops. There is such an ease to wiping the counters down and keeping them clean. It is a very forgiving surface that is sturdy and there is no worry about scratching or putting hot objects on them. With one quick wipe, they always look brand new. I also love how Laminam comes in a variety of thicknesses. We opted for a thinner profile of the counter on the Harrison Project. I feel this gives a sleek appearance and breaks away from the trend of thick slabs of stone for a countertop.


What is your favourite part about the kitchen?

My favourite part of the kitchen is the colour combination between the Calce Nero and the teak cabinetry, there is a real warmth and depth in an otherwise light filled house. The color combination with the galley kitchen alludes to the kitchen being more like furniture in a home than a separate sterile place.

Do you have any advice for anyone going through or considering a kitchen renovation?

For anyone going ahead with a kitchen reno, I would suggest thinking hard about how you use a space and how the kitchen fits into the rest of the home. I would make a very detailed list of your storage needs and your daily kitchen habits. For example, I have three children and a husband who loves to cook. Our kitchen is hardworking and needs to have surfaces that can take our family’s hard wear and tear. I am also someone who is very affected by their surroundings, and I need a kitchen that looks tidy and jives with the rest of the home. For the Harrison Project, that is why I opted with a color scheme that complements the house, surfaces, and appliances that are durable.

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