The surfaces produced using IN-SIDE technology constitute an exceptional tool at the disposal of architects, designers and interior designers. Body and surface continuity makes their use possible as vertical wall claddings, flooring, work surfaces, kitchen countertops, bathroom furnishings and cabinets with an original, strong personality.

IN-SIDE technology is constantly evolving. The research conducted by Laminam is stimulated by the needs of the world of surfaces and in particular by the furniture industry, which combines Laminam surfaces with other natural surfaces.

IN-SIDE affords a multitude of material expressions: Pietra Piasentina, in the two variants, Taupe and Grigio (grey), is eye-catching due to its vein patterns which replicate the effect of genuine natural stone; Pietra di Cardoso, in the Grigio and Nero (grey and black) variants, is a sandstone that mesmerises with its strong personality, featuring bold, yet at the same time refined aesthetics. Its use brings to mind the beauty of Italian Mediaeval historic city centres, where it was used owing to its colours, its hard-wearing resistance and easy processing. Laminam has succeeded in replicating the same textured effect, thanks to raw materials with variable grain sizes. Available in both the Naturale (smooth) and fiammata (flame-patterned) surface;
Porfido is one of the most commonly used stones since the age of antiquity, already popular among the Etruscans and Romans, who used it in civil engineering. In nature, it is the fruit of volcanic force. Laminam, in the Marrone (brown) version, managed to recreate the same vein patterns and textured appeal thanks to IN-SIDE technology.