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Surfaces that surpass their natural inspiration. Laminam ceramic slabs, a symbol of the finest Italian craftsmanship for over twenty years, combine respect for the environment with aesthetic elegance, offering contemporary design solutions which blend architecture and design.

Ceramic cladding is the ideal choice in terms of results and outstanding technical performance: its intrinsic properties ensure the lasting durability of the surfaces, outperforming natural materials while faithfully reproducing their features and colours. They are ideal as flooring for residential, public and industrial applications with medium to high footfall, such as shopping centres, offices and airports.

Laminam’s wide range of products for indoor and outdoor flooring and cladding offers more than 100 colours and 7 surface finishes for the creation of original aesthetic solutions.
The availability of finishes such as Fiammato, Bocciardato or Natural makes Laminam surfaces the ideal choice in terms of flooring and cladding for swimming pools, exterior and interior stairs and wellness spas, guaranteeing superior levels of slip resistance and aesthetic refinement.

The numerous series available, which faithfully reproduce natural materials such as marble or wood, make Laminam surfaces a versatile solution for any setting, such as cladding for indoor or outdoor swimming pools, kitchen flooring, or for creating a “total look” effect with matching flooring and cladding, for example in the bathroom or living room. Our ceramic slabs are also an unbeatable ally where underfloor heating is installed, as they withstand thermal shock and conduct heat evenly.

Ceramic cladding is suitable for every need: whether you are looking for ideas for cladding an external wall, or the perfect flooring for your kitchen, we can offer you modern solutions such as the “Laminam Effect”: a continuous solution between flooring and wall cladding. We make any space the full expression of your creativity, worry free. Porcelain stoneware does not need any special care or maintenance, is durable and resistant, and, thanks to its low porosity, it is also hygienic and stain resistant, making it quick and easy to clean.

There are many advantages to using Laminam ceramic slabs for flooring and wall cladding:

  • They are aesthetically pleasing and high-impact, evoking all the beauty of natural stone
  • They aid thermal insulation, thus increasing energy savings
  • The wide variety of sizes and thicknesses available means they can be worked with in total freedom
  • They are fire-resistant: in the event of fire they will not encourage the spread of flame
  • They guarantee ease of cleaning and high standards of hygiene
  • They are resistant and durable, are not subject to corrosion, the surface remains smooth and even and colours stand the test of time
  • They are sustainable and recyclable. As faithful reproductions of natural materials such as wood and marble, they do not spoil the landscape. They are also made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

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