Private House Florenz

Studio VBAA

Florenz / Italien


Fassade: Oxide, Moro
Wandverkleidungen und Tür: Oxide, Moro

Boden: Calce, Avorio
Arbeitsplatte: Calce, Avorio
Duschverkleidung: Ossido, Bruno
Duschverkleidung: Calce, Avorio
Verschiedene Größen

Is it possible to create a home entirely from Laminam?

This recently completed private residence in the Florence hills is proof that Laminam slabs can truly be used as a unique surface with which to functionally decorate and clad any space. Not only for large-scale and public spaces then, large sized Laminam slabs can be easily used thanks to its aesthetic qualities, which satisfy the tastes and imagination of any designer or interior designer, and particularly thanks to its simple maintenance and extreme durability.Laminam slabs that reproduce stone, marble and wood present in nature, textured effects, concrete, plaster, oxides or three-dimensional, making surface aesthetics a plus that complete the technical performance of Laminam products. Scratch-proof, stain-resistant, hygienic, resistant to heat, cold and damp, the slabs are easily cleaned and do not lose their chromatic characteristics, not even when exposed to the sun’s rays and atmospheric agents.Immersed in the lush green of the Tuscan hills, this private home in the province of Florence combines a traditional structure with modern solutions, used to clad part of the façade and the external doors. Oxide, selected with the Moro finish, is used for the exterior, showcasing the surface three-dimensionality that this oxidised metal-effect texture offers when it reacts to sunlight.

Inside,VBAA Studio has interpreted the Laminam total look by using delicate and subtle tones such as Avorio, selected from the Calce series and used for the internal flooring of the living area, crossing over to the exterior of the home, one’s attention drawn to the hilly landscape through the large window. Material and colour continuity that is also found in the sleeping area, on the stairs and along the halls, all the way to the kitchen where slabs are used as a countertop and top for the large central island, as well as in the bathrooms, for the flooring and shower base. The texture, inspired by industrial plasters and concretes, gives spaces to a refined and contemporary look, for a sense of well-being that conciliates the peace and liveability of spaces. For a harmonious colour contrast, the dark shades of the same Calce Nero series have been used for the flooring and cladding of another bathroom space, retaining the same hygienic properties offered by the perfectly natural material and almost total absence of joints. Ossido Bruno makes a real impact, used to clad the walls of the shower.

  • Avorio


    Aussenfassaden, Boden- und Wandbeläge, Einrichtungsgegenstände und Zubehör

    1000×3000 – Laminam 3, 1000×3000 – Laminam 3+, 1000×3000 – Laminam 5, 1620×3240 – Laminam 12+, 1620×3240 – Laminam 5, 1620×3240 – Laminam 5+

  • Bruno


    Aussenfassaden, Boden- und Wandbeläge, Einrichtungsgegenstände und Zubehör

    1000×3000 – Laminam 3, 1000×3000 – Laminam 3+, 1000×3000 – Laminam 5, 1620×1620 – Laminam 5+, 1620×3240 – Laminam 12+, 1620×3240 – Laminam 20+, 1620×3240 – Laminam 5, 1620×3240 – Laminam 5+

  • Moro


    Aussenfassaden, Boden- und Wandbeläge, Einrichtungsgegenstände und Zubehör

    1000×1000 – Laminam 5, 1000×3000 – Laminam 3, 1000×3000 – Laminam 3+, 1000×3000 – Laminam 5


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