Private House Forte dei Marmi


Forte dei Marmi / Italien


Exterior cladding: Fokos Roccia 1000×3000, Laminam 3
Interior  wall cladding: Collection Avorio 1000×3000, Laminam 3+
Interior flooring: Collection Crusca 1000×3000, Laminam 5


One of Laminam’s latest completed architectural projects is a private villa in Forte dei Marmi designed by FABBRICANOVE, an architecture and urban planning studio established in Florence in 2009 by Enzo Fontana (1974), Giovanni Bartolozzi (1979) and Lorenzo Matteoli (1977) with the aim of keeping up with the transformations now affecting the majority of urban environments, investigating new expressions for contemporary design.

The result of a special focus on the relationship between the natural landscape and man-built environments, the home is devised like a tailored task, in pursuit of a formula capable of identifying the entire project as a single whole.

The villa includes several different materials and chromatic components, yet they are always in synch, in keeping with an overall design that lends the whole a warm, Mediterranean atmosphere, eager to capture and brandish the natural light.

The ground-floor volume features an ivory-coloured plaster finish, while the volume above it is entirely covered externally with Laminam ceramic slabs in the Fokos Roccia texture, with the aim of recalling natural colours. This coating, which is available in the exceptional 1000×3000 mm size, is incredibly light-weight thanks to the reduced thickness of just 3 millimetres, and it permits the installation of large-sized modules: this choice enhances the appeal of the first-floor volume, lending it visual uniformity and distinguishing it as a single supported volume.

Inside, the villa is instead adorned with Laminam 1000x3000mm slabs with a thickness of 3+ mm in the Collection Avorio texture for the wall covering, and with 1000×3000 mm slabs with a thickness of 5 mm in the Collection Crusca texture for the flooring: these soft hues help create ambiances that are both stylish and calibrated.

  • Roccia


    1000×3000 – Laminam 3, 1000×3000 – Laminam 3+, 1000×3000 – Laminam 5, 1620×1620 – Laminam 5+, 1620×3240 – Laminam 5, 1620×3240 – Laminam 5+, 1620×3240 – Laminam 12+, 1620×3240 – Laminam 20+


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