Pairing Laminam with trending colour palettes

Benjamin Moore has released their 2023 trending colour report, which boasts eight vibrant shades and four complementary neutrals. These bold and confident hues inspire and encourage a departure from the traditional use of colour in the home.

Laminam’s surfaces portfolio has a wide range of neutral hues with warm or cool undertones that can be perfectly paired with these trending paint colours. We also present a few daring choices that align with the colour report, for those who love bold choices and strong design statements.

Benjamin Moore - Raspberry Blush 2008-30. Courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

The Perfect Accent

The Benjamin Moore colour of the year for 2023 is Raspberry Blush 2008-30. It is described as a vibrant coral-tinged pink that enlivens the senses with electric optimism. Laminam’s selection of white marbles and neutral surfaces will bring Raspberry Blush to life.

Statuario Altissimo and Calacatta Michelangelo from our I NATURALI collection are two brilliant whites with veining ranging in colour from light to dove gray, helping to maintain a modern or classic feel to a room donned with adventurous tones. Gray and beige remain popular choices for kitchens with vibrant wall colours because they don’t compete for attention and can both stand on their own within the space.

From our I NATURALI collection - Image 1: Statuario Altissimo, Image 2: Calacatta Michelangelo

Talco & Grafite are two new colours added to our Fokos Collection, pairing beautifully with  Benjamin Moore’s 2023 neutral paint shades, Etiquette AF-50 and Onyx 2133-10

Laminam’s Grafite is a deep shade that draws inspiration from the dark gray and compact mineral graphite extracted from the earth’s subsoil and is the perfect alter ego to Talco, a lighter shade inspired by natural elements like sand and stone. 

From our Fokos Collection - Image 1: Talco, Image 2: Grafite. From Benjamin Moore - Image 3: Etiquette AF-50, Image 4: Onyx 2133-10. Courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

Those who admire the bold, cool hues chosen in the 2023 colour trend report, but want to incorporate them into surfaces and facades, can look to Laminam for a similar shade. 

Get the Look

Starry Night Blue 2067-20, another colour addition to Benjamin Moore’s 2023 line-up, is a radiant navy akin to the dark indigo of dusk, whose inky hue breathes romance into any space. Similarly, Laminam’s  Fluidosolido, a one-of-a-kind surface only available in this unique tone with a polished finish that was designed to excite architects and designers who play with contrasts and deep pigments. 

The colour green shines with various wood finishes and has a number of hues that can be used in modern, retro, or farmhouse designs. Benjamin Moore’s  North Sea Green 2053-30 is described as an engaging, deep and soothing teal with delicate gray undertones that enrich this moody hue. Green countertops (even those that transition into a backsplash) are a bold statement in the kitchen, and the marble-effect of our Verde Alpi makes it a beautiful choice.

Image 1: Fluidosolido, Image 2: Verde Alpi

From walls and countertops to furniture and flooring, colour has a distinctly transformative power within the home.

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