Corporate Responsibility

There is no real innovation without responsibility. This is why, since 2019, Laminam has intensified its liaisons with stakeholders to define a genuine chain of sustainability. Four key areas have been identified, starting with governance via products, people and activities, which direct and define the paradigm of a green company.

Four pillars, to guarantee compliance with regulations and company values, low energy consumption, zero polluting emissions and minimum CO2 emissions. Respecting the ecosystem is at the heart of every production and development process, with the use of natural raw materials and sustainable technologies to minimise the environmental impact.

Corporate Responsability

The duty to respect our land and our people

Yet Laminam finds its strength and willpower in the people who, every day, put their professionalism and passion into what they do. This is why the company is engaged in constant initiatives to train and value its resources and to foster personnel welfare. Our production lines are designed to guarantee absolute safety for our workers.